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TeraNano 2012 in Okinawa

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Photos of TeraNano 2011

Through use of cutting-edge THz/nano technology, exploring Terahertz (THz) science in advanced electronic materials and developing novel THz devices and systems for sensing, imaging, and other applications are our main area of interest. The materials and devices include quantum/nano semiconductors, strongly correlated electron systems, superconductors,bio-molecules, etc.

Tonouchi Lab has been establised in 2000, May, to explore and open the filed of "Superconductor Photonics", which harmonizes superconductive electronics and optoelectronics. As a unique project at Osaka University, Research Center for Superconductor Photonics has been established in 2000 with a mission to form new research field as gSuperconductor Photonicsh. The center and Institute of Laser Engineering has been unified 1st, July, 2004. Our gTerahertz Photonicsh laboratory succeeds the mission and, further, extends it to a new direction.

As for the original mission, we specializes development of superconductive photonic devices. High-Tc superconductors (HTSs) are indispensable materials for such optical application. Thus we study, first of all, their optical properties such as optically excited terahertz emission effect. Then we apply the new functionality to the applications. We have chosen one of research targets to develop optical interface to single quantum flux quantum (SFQ) circuits. We also examine basics for sub-THz wireless communication using HTS Josephson junctions.

As for the new direction, we explore material science and optical functionalities of various electronic materials, especially perovskites oxides such as manganites, multiferroics, ferroelectrics and extend the research field to terahertz science and technology of strongly correlated electron systems. Furthermore, we develop several experimental tools especially for superconductor photonics and terahertz science.


  • Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi
  • Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
  • 2-6 Yamadaoka,Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
  • E-mail: tonouchi(at)

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