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The 1st Conference on
Laser Energetics
- Laser Astrophysics -

Co-located with Optics & Photonics International Congress 2015
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Organized by
Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka university


Incooporated with
Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
The Laser Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion
Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies


April 22 (Wed.) ­ April 24 (Fri.), 2015
Pacifico Yokohama
Yokohama, Japan

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Paper Deadline : Jan.26.2015




Recently, significant progress in high-power laser technology extends the research field of high-energy density science to an academic expanse, therefore, increasing number of International and interdisciplinary collaborations is required. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) in the U.S.A. has been continuing critical development in the field, targeting fusion ignition together with offering significant milestones for the basic science research. The LFEX petawatt laser of Osaka University is going to start full operation with 4 beams and it is expected vigorous uses for domestic and overseas users as the Joint Usage/ Joint Research Center. Moreover as ultra-intense lasers, the PULSER laser of Korean advanced Photonics Research Institute (APRI/GIST) works at 2 petawatt and the J-KAREN laser of Kansai Photon Science Institute is being up-graded. Many research themes using nano-second kilojoule lasers, require the increase in repetition and machine time to expand experimental parameters and to improve the accuracy of their experimental results. Aggrandizement of intensity is emphasized in the high-field science investigation to reach the radiation-dominated region and beyond. In this situation, we recognize it is quite useful to have a conference which promotes international and interdisciplinary collaborations in the scientific researches using high-power lasers, and to overview the present status and future prospects of relevant fields. Thus, we propose to have an annual international conference for the laser energetics. he goal of this conference in each field is to discuss a definite theme together with overseas distinguished scientists with experiences on large-scale lasers and to encourage the number of foremost participants with related fields. In addition, the critical workings of different research fields are concentrated on the point which stimulate the expansion of discussion of various themes of Laser Energetics with obtaining the leading experts related technical information and grope for the interdisciplinary fusion of research results.





The core theme this time is “Laboratory Astrophysics Using Intense Lasers”. Experimental research on collisionless shockwave and space plasma jets are intensively carried out all over the world, and an experiment on the NIF was initiated by the international team. Macroscopic projectiles accelerated up to 10 km/s by laser ablation have been utilized to investigate the meteorite collision. A recent development in areas such as application of the laser driven quantum beams as diagnostic probes or as an activating energy source is opening another path to the cosmic nuclear synthesis and astroparticle physics. Intense magnetic field generated by high-power lasers also provides further progress with Plasma Astrophysics. Effective approaches for conventional Plasma Physics as well as High-Pressure Condensed Matter, and Particle Physics, and Nuclear Physics are expected. Versatile ideas in the context of “Laser astrophysics” are welcome. Papers on those related subjects are also welcome encouraging the interdisciplinary exchange.

The 1st Conference on Laser Energetics covers following topical fields:

Laser astrophysics

・Astrophysical plasma physics, planetary physics, asteroid impact, nuclear synthesis, pair plasma

Related physics and technology development

・Physics on Laser produced plasmas

・Relativistic plasma, non-equilibrium plasma

・Magento-hydrodynamic instability

・Laser driven quantum beams source(generation and applications)




Organized sessions will consist of invited oral presentations of 30 min. and contributed oral presentations of 15 min. duration including discussion. In addition to these regular oral sessions, poster presentation session will be planned to stimulate the discussion of the field. The auther(s) of papers will be informed of the size of bulletin board for displaying summary, figures, tables, etc., when selected as poster papers.




Original papers that have not been previously presented and that describe new contributions in the areas covered by the descriptions above will be accepted for presentation.

Papers should be submitted electronically, no later than 26th Jan. , 2015. Authors are requested to submit a summary paper written in English, that fits within a two-page 17 cm x 24 cm template, including text, figures, tables, and references. The template for papers is available here.


A limited number of post deadline papaers will be accepted for presentation at post deadline sessions. Latest significant results obtained after the regural deadline are most welcome. The deadline for submission of the paper is 12th April, 2015




The official language of CLE2015 is English.




Proceedings are planned to be published as a special issue of the Plasma and Fusion Research ( ), the journal of the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research, will be published in 2015.
All authors of CLE2015 are strongly encouraged to submit their original papers for the special issue. Submissions from invited speakers are especially welcome. The deadline for submission is June 26, 2015.
Please note that all submissions will be peer-reviewed following the editorial policy of Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research. Manuscripts should follow submission guidelines “Instructions for the Preparation of Manuscripts” and be submitted through the electronic form on the internet.The template for papers is available here.



Presentation files

All atendantee can download presentation files from Here.




Registration Fees (Member∗)

Before or on
Mar. 20, 2015
Mar. 21, 2015
Conference (General)40, 000 yen45, 000 yen
(Student, Retiree)18, 000 yen21, 000 yen


Registration Fees (non-Member∗)

Before or on
Mar. 20, 2015
Mar. 21, 2015
Conference (General)45, 000 yen50, 000 yen
(Student, Retiree)21, 000 yen23, 000 yen

∗Member of organizer, sponsors and cooporative society are listed on this page and OPIC site.



Seven international conferences are going to be held simultaneously. By registering for this conference (CLE 2015), you can participate in all of them.

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  • Conference on Asia-Pacific Biomedical Photonics 2015 (APBP’15)
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OPIC2015 website:


OPTICS & PHOTONICS International 2015 Exhibition will be held simultaneously on April 24 (Wed) - April 26 (Fri) at Pacifico Yokohama.




H. Azechi (ILE Osaka, Japan)

T. Suemoto (Tokyo U., Japan)
B. Remington (LLNL, USA)
D. Batani (CELIA, France)

Y. Sakawa (ILE Osaka, Japan)

S. Okamura (NIFS Japan)
S. Sakabe (Kyoto U., Japan)
K. Kondo (JAEA, Japan)
M. Hoshino (Tokyo U., Japan )
R. Yamazaki (Aoyama Gakuin U., Japan)
T. Kondo (Osaka U., Japan)
T. Tomaru (KEK, Japan )
H. Nishimura (Osaka U., Japan)
H. Takabe (Osaka U., Japan)
M. Tnouchi (Osaka U., Japan)
H. S. Park (LLNL, USA)
L. Bernstein (LLNL, USA)
M. Koenig (LULI, France)
G. Gregori (Oxford U., UK)
Y. Li (IOP/CAS, China)
Y. T. Lee (APRI, GIST, Korea)


Conference secretariat

Nao Mekata


Tel: 81-6-6879-8701


CLE 2015 takes place at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Yokohama, the center of Kanagawa prefecture, is just south of Tokyo. The Pacifico Yokohama convention center is conveniently located about 40 min. from Haneda Airport and 90 min. from Narita Airport when traveling by Limousine Bus.

Pacifico Yokohama
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012 JAPAN

Transportation guidance: TEL +81-45-221-2166
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