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Submission Deadline: December 18th, 2023


Recent progress in high-power laser technology and the advent of X-ray free electron lasers have energetically advanced our understanding of matter in extreme environments. Materials dynamically compressed by high-power laser irradiation, which reach ultra-high pressure and temperature states or warm dense matter states, are closely related not only to plasma physics and material science but also to earth and planetary science and inertial confinement fusion research. Since such materials are highly complex systems, they are interdisciplinary research interests where both experimental and computational contributions are essential. In the scientific research area, we recognize that it is beneficial to hold a conference to promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration and overview the current status and prospects of the related fields. Thus, we propose to hold an international conference at the annual HEDS meeting with a topical focus on "Matter in Extreme Conditions". The conference aims to discuss a definite theme with distinguished overseas scientists with experiences in high-pressure science, shock physics, materials science, earth and planetary science, first-principles calculations, high-power lasers, and X-ray free electron lasers, increasing the number of foremost participants in related fields.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HIGH ENERGY DENSITY SCIENCES 2024 (HEDS2024) is organized to share recent advances in science and technology on the matter under extreme high-energy-density conditions. The conference will be held on April 22- 26, 2024, at Pacifico Yokohama, with the sponsorship of the Laser Society of Japan, and Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University.


Particle Acceleration in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas
    --- Shock, Turbulence, and Magnetic Reconnection ---

HEDS covers the high energy density sciences with high power lasers and its application. The Primary topics of HEDS2024 is on particle acceleration in laboratory experiments and astrophysical phenomena.

Particle acceleration is a physical process common to both laboratory and astronomical plasmas. The origin of high-energy cosmic rays is one of the critical issues in astrophysics and has been studied intensively using numerical simulations. Particle acceleration has also been studied experimentally using such as intense laser experiments. HEDS2024 hopes to promote interdisciplinary discussions by gathering knowledge on particle acceleration physics in various fields.

The following categories are considered as specific topics.

    (A) Collisionless shock acceleration
    (B) Turbulence acceleration
    (C) Magnetic reconnection acceleration
    (D) Laboratory High-Endergy-Density experiments
    (E) Advanced numerical simulations


    Felicie Albert (LLNL)
    Artem Bohdan (IPP)
    Mark Cheung (CSIRO)
    *Andrea Ciardi (Sorbonne University)
    Nicholas Dover (Imperial College London)
    Frederico Fiuza (IST)
    Evgeny Gorbunov (KU Leuven)
    Anna Grassi (LULI)
    *Gianluca Gregori (University of Oxford)
    Masahiro Hoshino (University of Tokyo)
    Tsuyoshi Inoue (Konan University)
    Yoshiyuki Inoue (Osaka University)
    Masanori Iwamoto (Kyoto University)
    Natsumi Iwata (Osaka University)
    Hantao Ji (Princeton University)
    Tatsuya Kobayashi (NIFS)
    *Martin Lemoine (IAP)
    Hye-Sook Park (LLNL)
    *Alexander Philippov (University of Maryland)
    Bin Qiao (Peking University)
    Kentaro Sakai (NIFS)
    *Lorenzo Sironi (Columbia University)
    Lee Suttle (Imperial College London)
    Arno Vanthieghem (Princeton University)
    Ryo Yamazaki (Aoyama Gakuin University)
    Weipeng Yao (LULI)
    Vladimir Zhdankin (Flatiron Institute)
    Jiayong Zhong (Beijing Normal University)

        * tentative


    Please download HEDS2024 Template: HERE

    December 18th, 2023

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Conference Chair;
    Ryosuke Kodama (Osaka University)
    Takayoshi Sano (Osaka University)

Program Committee;
    Andrea Ciardi (Sorbonne University)
    Youichi Sakawa (Osaka University) Chair
    Shinsuke Takasao (Osaka University)

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