大阪大学 レーザー科学研究所



2019A-AREFIEV 超高強度磁場科学 Alex AREFIEV Enhanced laser-driven ion acceleration in a strong applied magnetic field
2019A-ARIKAWA 量子ビーム科学 有川 安信 High current electron beam generation by using fundamental-second harmonics mixed LFEX
2019A-BATANI プラズマ科学 Dimitri Batani Generation of alpha-particle beams with LFEX and their applications
2019A-KOENIG プラズマ科学 Michel KOENIG Heat transport in Magnetised High Energy Density Plasma
2019A-KONDO 超高圧物性・惑星物理学 近藤 忠 Shock induced high-pressure phase transition of silicate and its sample dependence as the initial state
2019A-KURAMITSU レーザー宇宙物理学 蔵満 康浩 Experimental investigation on electron scale magnetic reconnections with high-power lasers
2019A-MATSUKIYO レーザー宇宙物理学 松清 修一 Empirical research of self-reformation of collisionless shocks using high power laser
2019A-MORITA レーザー宇宙物理学 森田 太智 Magnetic reconnection driven by high-power laser-produced plasma
2019A-NAGATOMO 超高強度磁場科学 長友 英夫 Experiment for the generation of hot-electron-driven shockwave using external magnetic field
2019A-NISHIMURA 量子ビーム科学 西村 博明 New perspective of laser-driven neutron source
2019A-OKUCHI 超高圧物性・惑星物理学 奥地 拓生 Laser-driven shock compression of water at actual planetary interior conditions
2019A-OZAKI 超高圧物性・惑星物理学 尾崎 典雅 Comprehensive research on carbon in extreme conditions
2019A-PUREVJAV 一般共同研究 Narangoo PUREVJAV Hugoniot measurements for single crystals of synthetic denser polymorphs of Mg2SiO4
2019A-SAKAWA レーザー宇宙物理学 坂和 洋一 Quasi-monoenergetic proton beam generation by collisionless shock
2019A-SANO レーザー宇宙物理学 佐野 孝好 Experimental study on the suppression of interfacial instabilities by a strong magnetic field using a high-resolution X-ray shadowgraph technique
2019A-WOON 量子ビーム科学 Wei-Yen Woon Heavy ion acceleration with noble metal coated large area suspended graphene
2019A-YAMAZAKI レーザー宇宙物理学 山崎 了 Experiments of collisionless shocks propagating into magnetized plasma
2019A-YOGO 量子ビーム科学 余語 覚文 Novel laser ion acceleration realized by a pure solid hydrogen foil
2019A-KATARZYNA2018 1.高圧物理 Jakubowska KATARZYNA Behavior and optical properties of materials of planetological
interest (water and carbon) at Megabar pressures.
2019A-SHIGEMORI2018 1.高圧物理 重森 啓介 Generation and Characterization of Gigabar Pressure with Ultra-high Inteinsty Laser
2019B1-ASAKAWA テラヘルツ光科学 THZ特性評価システム(中嶋) 淺川 誠 Optimization study of terahertz wave radiating structure aiming for practical application
2019B1-HABARA 一般共同研究 計算機コード利用(長友) 羽原 英明 Modeling of fast electron collimation in the imploded plasma by embedded high z wire
2019B1-ITO テラヘルツ光科学 THZ波計測システム(斗内) 伊東 良太 Exploration of Liquid crystal materials for terahertz device
2019B1-MATSUI テラヘルツ光科学 THZ特性評価システム(中嶋) Tatsunosuke Matsui Terahertz fast switching utilizing organic semiconductors
2019B1-MATSUMOTO 一般共同研究 THZ波計測システム(斗内) 松本 卓也 THz-spectroscopy and electric conduction mechanism of huge-molecular thin films and networks
2019B1-MORITA テラヘルツ光科学 THZ特性評価システム(中嶋) 森田 健 Spin manipulation using high power THz pulse
2019B1-MURATA 光学材料 光物性評価レーザーシステム(猿倉) 村田 貴広 Improvement on characteristics of Pr3+-doped glass scintillator for neutron detector
2019B1-NISHIKAWA テラヘルツ光科学 THZ波計測システム(斗内) Hiroaki Nishikawa Effect of substrate lattice on structural phase transition for epitaxial thin films of functional oxides
2019B1-PADAMA 光学材料 光物性評価レーザーシステム(猿倉) Allan Abraham Bustria Padama Density functional theory investigation of hydrogen adsorption on ZnO (100) surface
2019B1-RADUBAN 光学材料 光物性評価レーザーシステム(猿倉) Marilou Cadatal-Raduban Investigation of LaF3 as a vacuum ultraviolet emitter for scintillator and laser applications
2019B1-SARUMAGO 光学材料 光物性評価レーザーシステム(猿倉) SARMAGO Roland Villano Synthesis and characterization of Fe-doped ZnO microrods as picosecond UV scintillators
2019B1-SOMINTAC 光学材料 光物性評価レーザーシステム(猿倉) Armando S. Somintac Aluminum-doped zinc oxide thin films as potential UV scintillator materials
2019B1-TANI テラヘルツ光科学 THZ特性評価システム(中嶋) 谷 正彦 Development of new THz wave emission devices using metamaterial structures
2019B1-TOKUDA テラヘルツ光科学 THZ特性評価システム(中嶋) 徳田 安紀 Quasi-dielectric characteristics of stacked metallic slit arrays and their application to terahertz wave control
2019B2-ESTACIO テラヘルツ光科学 ESTACIO ELMER Surat Development of zinc oxide-based photoconductive antenna devices for terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
2019B2-FUJIMOTO 光学材料 藤本 靖 Development on advanced functional optical fiber devices and its application
2019B2-FUJITA 一般共同研究 藤田 雅之 Research on development, control, applications of quantum beam sources
2019B2-FUKUDA 量子ビーム科学 福田 祐仁
2019B2-FURUKAWA 一般共同研究 古河 裕之 Development of integrated simulation code on laser processing using ultra short pulse lasers.
2019B2-FURUSE 一般共同研究 古瀬 裕章 Development of transparent ceramics
2019B2-FURUTA テラヘルツ光科学 古田  寛 THz radiation and absorption properties of CNT forest metamaterials
2019B2-HIROSE 一般共同研究 廣瀬 重信 Radiation MHD simulations of accretion disks
2019B2-INOUE パワーレーザー科学 井上 峻介 Development of semiconductor based visible laser amplifier
2019B2-IWASA 光学材料 岩佐 祐希 Luminescence properties of rare-earth doped mixed-anion compounds
2019B2-KANABE 光学材料 金邉 忠 Improve performance of LFEX  laser system
2019B2-KAWATO-1 パワーレーザー科学 川戸 栄 Theoretical Analysis on the Influence on the Oscillation Spectrum and the Efficiency of the Position giving Internal Loss of the Resonator in a Continuous Wave Mode-locked Laser with a Nonlinear Medium Inserted
2019B2-KAWATO-2 パワーレーザー科学 川戸 栄 High efficiency of blue laser diode pumped continuous-wave Ti:sapphire laser considering loss due to pump beam
2019B2-KITAGAWA_M 量子ビーム科学 北川 勝浩 Development of spin polarized deuterated target by using dynamic nuclear polarization via photo excited triplet electron
2019B2-KITAGAWA_Y 量子ビーム科学 北川 米喜 Development of fast-ignition fusion by using a high repetition laser and its industrial application
2019B2-KUWASHIMA テラヘルツ光科学 桑島 史欣 Simultaneity of laser chaos modes for spintronics emitter
2019B2-LEE テラヘルツ光科学 李 相錫 On IR and THz transmission characteristics of gas molecule adsorbed metal organic framework (MOF) thin film
2019B2-MAKINO テラヘルツ光科学 牧野 孝太郎 Terahertz device applications based on phase change materials
2019B2-MANABE 一般共同研究 眞鍋 由雄 Development of high color rendering index LASER Light sources
2019B2-MASADA 一般共同研究 政田 洋平 The Sunspot Formation Mechanism studied by MHD Thermal Convection Simulation in Strongly-strafied Plasma
2019B2-MATSUOKA 一般共同研究 松岡 千博 Interaction between the interface and bulk vortices in Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
2019B2-MIYAMOTO 量子ビーム科学 宮本 修治 The study on high directional neutron generation by using polarized gamma ray and spin polarized deuterium
2019B2-MORI_YO 一般共同研究 森 芳孝  Investigation of electromagnetic wave propagation and absorption with polarization controlled intense laser pulse
2019B2-MORI_YU 光学材料 森 勇介 Development of high-quality and large nonlinear optical borate crystal
2019B2-MOTOKOSHI-1 光学材料 本越 伸二 Laser-Induced Damage Threshold by Repetition Pulses for Optical Materials
2019B2-MOTOKOSHI-2 光学材料 本越 伸二 Build-up of Silica Glass Structures by Laser Fabrication Method
2019B2-MURAOKA テラヘルツ光科学 村岡 祐治 Study of the work function at the heterointerface in metal oxide systems by LTEM
2019B2-NAKANO 一般共同研究 中野 人志 Development of a transparent Nd:CaF2 ceramic material
2019B2-NASHIMA テラヘルツ光科学 菜嶋 茂喜 Fabrication of ultrabroadband wire-grid polarizers using sub-10um diameter wire
2019B2-NISHIHARA 一般共同研究 西原 功修 Laser Radiation Pressure Acceleration of a Double Layer Target and Relativistic Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
2019B2-NISHIKINO 一般共同研究 錦野 将元 Research on advancement of sensing technology by laser scanning
2019B2-OGINO 光学材料 荻野 拓 Development of layered mixed-anion compounds as ultrafast luminescent materials
2019B2-OHTA テラヘルツ光科学 大田 泉 Sub-THz TDS Research for Cosmic Microwave Background
2019B2-OOKUBO パワーレーザー科学 大久保 友雅 Machine Learning for Basic Design of Broad-band Chirped Mirror for High Power Laser
2019B2-OTANI テラヘルツ光科学 大谷 知行 Research and development of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors combined with superconducting metamaterials for millimeter and terahertz wave detectors
2019B2-PHAN 光学材料 PHAM Hong Minh Research and development of ultraviolet laser and amplifier systems using Ce:LiCAF crystal
2019B2-SALVADOR 光学材料 Arnel SALVADOR Effects of gamma-ray irradiation on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of gallium arsenide thin films
2019B2-SASA 光学材料 佐々 誠彦 Characterization of terahertz radiation from GaSb/InAs heterostructures
2019B2-SASAKI 光学材料 佐々木 明 Analysis of damage of optical materials using percolation model
2019B2-SUNAHARA プラズマ科学 砂原 淳 Numerical modeling of plasma facing materials
2019B2-TAGUCHI 超高強度地場科学 田口 俊弘 Interaction between ultra-intense laser and plasmas
2019B2-TANAKA レーザー宇宙物理学 田中 周太 Preparation to laser experiments of induced Compton scattering
2019B2-UTSURO 一般共同研究 宇津呂 雅彦 NMR study of HD probe in the temperature region of about 1-10K and preparation of solid HD thin layer-target (Final)
2019B2-YAMADA 一般共同研究 山田 英明 Study of high energy laser irradiation onto diamond shells (Continued)
2019B2-YAMAHARA テラヘルツ光科学 山原弘靖 THz spectroscopy measurements of dielectric polarization in strain-gradient rare-earth iron garnet thin films
2019B2-YAMAMOTO 一般共同研究 山本孝夫 Development of rare earth-based materials with spherical shape for application to high efficiency refrigeration system
2019B2-YAMANAKA 一般共同研究 山中千博 Isotope analyzer for light elements using mid-IR laser
2019B2-YOSHIDA 一般共同研究 吉田  実 Development of mid-infrared supercontinuum light source
2019B2-YOSHIKAWA 光学材料 吉川 洋史 Production of functional crystals by using intensive lasers
2019B2-YUGAMI プラズマ科学 湯上  登 Terahertz wave generation via laser created plasma
2019C-HABARA 一般共同研究 羽原 英明 Workshop for high-repetition target injection, alignment, and measurement
2019C-NAGATOMO プラズマ科学 長友 英夫 Symposium on simulation and datability for high energy density science