Presentation List

Paper No. Author Title
KN1 Yosiaki Kato Laser Fusion and High Field Science in Japan and in Asia
KN2 Keith Matzen Status and Plans in the United States Inertial Confinement Fusion Program
F1 Hiroshi Azechi The FIREX Program on the Way o Inertial Fusion Energy
F2 Edward Moses Ignition on the national Ignition Facility
F3 Didier Besnard The Megajoule Laser Program : Fusion at hand
TuPl1 David Harding Cryogenic Target-Implosion Experiments on OMEGA
TuPl2 Jie Zhang Emerging applications of ultraintense lasers in science
TuPl3 Jeffrey Atherton Targets for the National Ignition Campaign
TuPl4 Yasukazu Izawa EUV Light Source by Laser-Produced Plasma  
WPl1 Larry Suter Developing an optimal ignition hohlraum for the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
WPl2 Wey Yang Zhang Recent Progress and Future Prospects for IFE in China
WPl3 Patrick rené  Audebert Space and time resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy of well characterize warm dense plasma produced by laser.
WPl4 Katsumi Midorikawa Nonlinear Interaction of Intense XUV Pulses with Atoms and Molecules Dawn of Attosecond Nonlinear Optics 
ThPl1 Kenichi Ueda Ceramic Lasers for IFE Driver
ThPl2 Raymond Jeanloz Laser-Shocks and High-Density Condensed-Matter Equations of State
ThPl3 Victor Malka Laser plasma accelerator: towards a high quality electron beam
ThPl4 Nigel Woolsey Laboratory plasma astrophysics simulation experiments using lasers
FPl1 John Lindl NIF Ignition Capsule Design, Requirements, Margins, and Uncertainties
FPl2 boris Sharkov Heavy-Ion Beam Drivers
FPl3 Noriaki Miyanaga 10-kJ PW Laser LFEX: Technological Challenges and Construction Update
FPl4 Mike Dunne HiPER : The European path to laser fusion and related plasma science
MO1.1 Debra A Callahan Optimization of the NIF Ignition Point Design Hohlraum
MO1.2 Nathan B. Meezan Target designs for energetics experiments on the National Ignition Facility
MO1.3 Catherine H. Cherfils New designs of LMJ targets for early ignition experiments
MO1.4 Nelson M. Hoffman Tuning NIF Drive Symmetry with Ignition Replicas and Symmetry Benchmarks
MO1.5 Marc  Vandenboomgaerde Rugby-shaped hohlraum for inertial confinement fusion
MO2.1 Peter Andrew Norreys Fast electron transport in solid density plasmas for focused intensities up to 5~10^20 Wcm^-2
MO2.2 Hiroaki  Nishimura X-ray polarization spectroscopy to study energy transport in ultra-high intensity laser produced plasmas
MO2.3 Alexander P.L. Robinson Artificial Collimation of Fast Electrons with Two Laser Pulses
MO2.4 Yutong  Li Fast electron transport in high-intensity laser-plasma interactions diagnosed by optical and ion emission
MO2.5 Laurent  Gremillet An exact linear kinetic model of the fully relativistic current filamentation instability with smooth distribution functions
MO3.1 Chris  Haynam The National Ignition Facility 2007 Laser Performance Status
MO3.2 Jacques  EBRARDT LMJ laser facility status
MO3.3 Junji  Kawanaka 2.9-kJ Chirped-Pulse Power Amplification in the LFEX laser
MO3.4 Drew N. Maywar OMEGA EP High-Energy Petawatt Laser: Progress and Prospects
MO3.5 John  Collier The Astra Gemini Project: A High Repetition Rate Dual Beam Petawatt Laser Facility
MO3.6 William H. Goldstein Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Jupiter Laser Facility
TuO1.1 Valeri  Goncharov Modeling High-Compression,  Direct-Drive, ICF Experiments
TuO1.2 Brian K. Spears Influence and measurement of mass ablation in ICF implosions
TuO1.3 Otto L. Landen Experimental Studies of ICF Indirect-Drive Be and High Density Carbon Candidate Ablators
TuO1.4 Rick E. Olson Ablation Rate Measurements for ICF Capsule Materials
TuO2.1 Ryosuke  Kodama High Energy Density Plasma Photonics
TuO2.2 julien soulya fuchs Laser-acceleration of high-energy protons in small-scale gradients
TuO2.3 Kirk A Flippo (Hegelich) Efficiency Increase of Short-pulse Laser Generated Proton Beams Using Novel Flat-Top Cone Targets
TuO2.4 Zheng-Ming  Sheng Investigation on novel particle beams and radiation sources in relativistic laser-plasma interactions at IoP, CAS, Beijing
TuO3.1 Brian J. MacGowan Commissioning the National Ignition Facility for Experiments
TuO3.2 Chris PJ Barty Advanced Petawatt Laser Capabilities on the National Ignition Facility
TuO3.3 Jitsuno Development of 92 cm size gratings and mirrors for LEFX  laser system
TuO3.4 Zhiyi  WEI A compact 355TW femtosecod Ti:sapphire laser facility and trend to high contrast ratio
TuO4.1 Stanley  Skupsky Nonlocal Ion-Heat Transport in ICF Implosions
TuO4.2 DOV  SHVARTS The Role of Fast Electron Preheating in Low-Adiabat Cryogenic and Plastic (CH) Shell Implosions on Omega
TuO4.3 Mark C. Herrmann Fill tube radiation hydrodynamics experiments on ignition scale capsules
TuO4.4 Vladislav B. Rozanov Analysis of the foam-absorber capsules symmetry compression under the irradiation conditions of gIskra-5h laser facility
TuO5.1 Nakatsutsumi Observation of coupling between single hot spots in low-density plasmas
TuO5.2 Kazuo A. Tanaka Study of hot electron behaviors relevant to fast ignition
TuO5.3 Ravindra Kumar  G. Spatial and temporal profiling of megagauss magnetic fields and implications for intense, ultrashort laser interaction with matter
TuO5.4 Richard P J Town Integrated Modeling of Short-Pulse Laser-Plasma Experiments.
TuO6.1 Hui-Chun  Wu (Sheng) Powerful (MV/cm-GV/cm) single-cycle terahertz pulses generation
TuO6.2 Markus  Roth Plasma Physics Experiments at GSI
TuO6.3 Juergen  Biener Diamond Inertial Confinement Fusion targets
TuO6.4 Jinghong  Li High Temperature Opacity Experiment Design and Analysis
TuO7.1 Bruce A Hammel Simulations of high-mode Rayleigh-Taylor growth in NIF ignition capsules
TuO7.2 Antonio Roberto Piriz Hydrodynamic instabilities in elastic-plastic solids
TuO7.3 Kazuo  Takeda Observing the non-local electron transport effect by using a phase zone plate
TuO7.4 Hiroyuki  Shiraga Implosion and heating experiment of shell target with cone for Fast Ignition at ILE, Osaka
TuO7.5 andrew james mackinnon Status of Fast Ignition Research at LLNL
TuO7.6 Yasuhiko  Sentoku Hot electron energy coupling in cone-guiding fast ignition
TuO8.1 John L. Kline Mitigation of Stimulated Raman Scattering in Hohlraum Plasmas
TuO8.2 Marcus D. Knudson Hugoniot and Melt Properties of Beryllium and Diamond for ICF Capsule Physics
TuO8.3 Dirk O. Gericke Temperature Equilibration in Rapidly Heated Plasmas at Solid Density
TuO8.4 Gianluca  Gregori Measurement of the microscopic properties of dense Li plasma using x-ray scattering
TuO8.5 Ludovic  Hallo  Focusing the intense laser beam in transparent dielectrics: formation of nano-cavities

TuO8.6 Riccardo  Betti Shock Ignition of Thermonuclear Fuel with High Areal Density
TuO9.1 Atsushi  Sunahara Two Dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulation for Extreme Ultra Violet Emission from Laser-produced Tin Plasmas
TuO9.2 Shinsuke  Fujioka Optimum Laser-Produced Plasma for Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source

TuO9.3 Alexander S. Pirozhkov Demonstration of light reflection from the relativistic mirror
TuO9.4 stephane  sebban High quality soft x-ray laser beam at 32.8 nm
TuO9.5 michel D. primout Recent progress in metal-lined cylindrical hohlraum as efficient X-ray sources.
WO1.1 Sophie D. Baton Recent experiment on fast electron transport with cone targets
WO1.2 Tatsufumi  Nakamura Optimization of cone target for fast ignition
WO1.3 Jennifer M Rassuchine Enhanced Energy Localization and Heating in High Contrast Ultra-Intense Laser Produced Plasmas via Novel Conical Micro-Target Design
WO1.4 Ljubomir  Nikolic Particle Simulations of High-Intensity Laser Interaction with Cone Targets
WO2.1 Stefan  Hüller Towards predictive modeling of parametric scattering instabilities in expanding plasmas
WO2.2 Christophe  Rousseaux First LPI measurements obtained in the interaction of a 3w, 15 kJ laser beam with gas-filled hohlraum targets at the LIL facility
WO2.3 laurent  divol Benchmarking pF3D vs Omega Experiments
WO2.4 Christine  Labaune Laser plasma smoothing studies with the LIL facility
WO3.1 Siegfried H Glenzer X-ray Thomson scattering measurements from dense plasmas
WO3.2 Roberto C Mancini An overview of methods for the analysis of spatial structure in inertial confinement fusion implosion cores
WO3.3 Alice E. Koniges Experiments for the Validation of Debris and Shrapnel Calculations
WO3.4 Motonobu  Tampo High Density Plasma Probing with Ultra-Intense Laser Created

MeV Proton Beam

ThO1.1 Bjorn Manuel Hegelich Ion stopping in hot dense plasmas: Proof-of-principle experiments for code validation in the context of ion-driven fast ignition (IFI)
ThO1.2 Juan C. Fernandez Progress on Ion-Based Fast Ignition
ThO1.3 Peter  Mulser Coronal fast ignition by laser:

Constraints on energy fluxes and maximum laser wavelength
ThO1.4 Sergey Yurievich Gus'kov Cumulative phenomena due to the collision of laser-driven projectiles related to fast ignition and astrophysics applications
ThO2.1 Bruce A. Remington Frontier HED Science accessible on NIF
ThO2.2 R Paul  Drake Experiments to Explore Structure in Radiative Shocks
ThO2.3 Sergey  Lebedev Modeling Astrophysical Jets in a Laboratory Experiment
ThO2.4 Pedro  Velarde Simulations of jet formation and blast wave collision in laboratory plasmas
ThO3.1 Stefan A. Karsch Towards laser-driven undulator sources: 0.5 GeV electron acceleration in a capillary discharge waveguide
ThO3.2 Hideyuki  Kotaki Counter-Crossing Injection for Stable High-Quality Electron Beam Generation by Laser-Plasma Interaction
ThO3.3 Min  Chen Collisionless electrostatic shock generation and ion acceleration in the interaction of ultraintense laser pulses with overdense plasmas
ThO3.4 Xian tu He Energetic Proton Beams Accelerated from High-Density Thin Targets Irradiated by Intense Laser Pulse
ThO4.1 Chikang  Li Observation of Megagauss Field Topology Changes due to Magnetic Reconnection in Laser-Produced Plasmas
ThO4.2 Yuri Petrovich Zakharov New Type of Laser-Plasma Experiments to Simulate an Extreme and Global Impact of Giant Coronal Mass Ejections onto Earth’ Magnetosphere
ThO4.3 Keisuke  Shigemori Multiple Shock Compression of Diamond Foils Over 1 TPa with a Shaped Laser Pulse
ThO4.4 Hye-Sook  Park Quasi-isentropic material property studies at extreme pressures: from Omega to NIF
ThO5.1 J. Manuel  Perlado Molecular dynamics study of hydrogen isotopes migration in optics.
ThO5.2 Daniel T. Goodin Progress in Demonstrating Feasibility of the Target Supply for Laser Fusion
ThO5.3 Yuichi  Ogawa Conceptual Design of a Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Reactor based on a Dry Wall Chamber
ThO5.4 Boris Yu. Sharkov Reactor chamber response in heavy ion fusion energy concept
ThO6.1 Patrick  Mora Electron kinetic effects in the plasma expansion into a vacuum and ion acceleration
ThO6.2 Alexander Alexeevich Andreev Acceleration of a mass limited target by ultra high intensity laser pulse
ThO6.3 Jiri  Limpouch Laser acceleration of ions

in mass-limited multi-species targets
ThO6.4 Akifumi  Yogo Energetic proton generation from a fs-laser-driven insulator target observed

by online time-of-flight technique
ThO7.1 Norimasa  Ozaki Laser-driven plasma pressure loader; from shock to quasi-isentropic compression
ThO7.2 Naeem Ahmad Tahir Studies of High Energy Density States in Matter Using Intense Heavy Ion Beams: The HEDgeHOB Collaboration
ThO7.3 Michel  KOENIG Isochoric heating from fast electrons using mass limited targets
ThO7.4 Andrew  Ng Broadband Dielectric Function of Non-equilibrium Warm Dense Gold
ThO8.1 Hong Jin  Kong Proposal of the practical laser fusion driver operating at high repetition rate over 10Hz by a beam combination technique using phase controlled stimulated Brillouin scattering mirrors
ThO8.2 Gerard  MOUROU New amplifying laser concept for Inertial Fusion Driver
ThO8.3 Andy J Bayramian The Mercury Project: A Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Driver

for Inertial Fusion Energy Development
ThO8.4 Frank  Hegeler The Electra KrF Laser System
FO1.1 Patrick W McKenty Multidimensional Numerical Investigation of NIF PDD Designs with Full Beam Smoothing
FO1.3 Masakatsu  Murakami From Physics Understanding of the Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability to Impact Fast Ignition
FO1.4 Peter A. Amendt Status of indirect-drive double-shell ignition research at LLNL
FO2.1 Keiji  Nagai Control of Nanostructure and Thickness of Foam Capsule for FIREX-I using Phase-Transfer Catalyst and Tailored Polymers
FO2.2 Heather L. Wilkens Recent Success in Fabrication of Depleted Uranium and Cocktail Hohlraums for the National Ignition Facility
FO2.3 Abbas  Nikroo Progress towards fabrication and metrology of graded copper doped beryllium capsules for the National Ignition Facility
FO2.4 John D. Moody Status of cryogenic layering for NIF ignition targets
FO3.1 Shigeo  KAWATA Direct-Indirect Hybrid Mode Implosion in Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
FO3.2 B. Grant Logan Heavy Ion Fusion Science Research for High Energy Density Physics and Fusion Applications
FO3.3 John L. Porter The ICF and High-Energy-Density Science Program on the Upgraded Z and Z-Beamlet Facilities
FO3.4 Jeremy P Chittenden Inertial Confinement Fusion in a Deuterium-Tritium Z-pinch
FO4.1 Hideo  Nagatomo Target Design for High-density Non-spherical Implosion for Fast Ignition
FO4.2 Tomoyuki  Johzaki Simulation Studies for Core Heating Properties in FIREX-I
FO4.3 J. Javier Honrubia Ignition of pre-compressed targets by fast electrons
FO4.4 Michael H Key The status and value of point designs for high gain fast ignition and the scientific issues that they bring out
FO5.1 Chiyoe  Yamanaka Progress of Laser Fusion in the last 40 years and Expected Prosperous Applications
FO5.2 Erik  Storm Inertial Fusion Energy: A Path Forward
FO5.3 Y. C. Francis Thio An Overview of the U. S. Program in High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
FO5.4 Sadao Nakai Development of Integrated IFE System and its Industrial Application as Intense Neutron
FO6.1 Thomas A Mehlhorn Fusion-Fission Hybrids for Nuclear Waste Transmutation: An Intermediate Step Towards IFE?
FO6.2 Kazuo  Imasaki Laser Induced Nuclear Reactions

in Magnetically Confined Plasma
FO6.3 Behgol  Bagheri Experimental Study of Solar Pumped Laser for Magnesium-Hydrogen Energy Cycle
FO6.4 Zhiyi  WEI Generation of sub-6fs laser pulse with octave-spanning spectrum at 160MHz repetition rate
MPo1 Minoru  Tanabe Supersonic heat wave propagation in laser-produced underdense plasma

for efficient x-ray generation
MPo2 Francoise  WAGON X-ray conversion on spherical gold spheres at OMEGA. Experiments interpretation.
MPo3 Sean P. Regan Hohlraum Energetics and Implosion Symmetry with Elliptical Phase Plates Using a Multicone Beam Geometry on OMEGA
MPo4 Stephen A Slutz Ablator doping of inertial fusion capsules to compensate for time-dependent radiation drive asymmetries
MPo5 Roger A. Vesey Mode-selective shields as a target design technique for radiation symmetry control in hohlraums*
MPo6 Harry F. Robey An assessment of the accuracy, precision, and geometric surrogacy of shock timing diagnostic techniques for tuning experiments on the NIF
MPo7 Zhan  Jin Estimation of Smith-Purcell Radiation in Laser-plasmas Interaction
MPo8 Vladimir T. Tikhonchuk Transport of a relativistic electron beam through a dielectric solid target: propagation and stability analysis
MPo9 Joao Jorge Santos Fast Electron Transport and Induced Heating in Aluminium Foils
MPo10 Zhanjun  Liu Comparison of the analytical and simulation results of the equilibrium beam profile
MPo11 Anle  LEI Guiding and confining energetic electron and proton beams generated in intense interactions
MPo12 Peiyong  Ye High energy electron transport in dense plasma in fast ignition scenario
MPo13 Tomoyuki  Johzaki Integrated Simulations for Transport of Laser-Produced Relativistic Electrons in Solid Targets
MPo14 Yutong  Li Effect of target shapes on fast electron emission in intense laser-plasma interactions

MPo15 chunyang  Zheng The propagation feature and electron acceleration of intense laser in plasma channel
MPo16 Toshinori  Yabuuchi Hot electron emission limited by self-excited fieldsfrom targets irradiated by ultra-intense laser pulses
MPo17 Mark x Sherlock Non-Classical Return Currents in Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions
MPo18 Xiao Xuan Lin Study of Cu Ka  emission from frequency doubled intense femtosecond laser-plasma interactions
MPo19 Tsuyoshi  Tanimoto Hot Electron Spatial Distribution in Presence of Laser Light Self-focusing in Over-dense Plasmas
MPo20 Ondrej  Klimo High-current fast electron beam propagation in a gas
MPo21 Toru  Kawamura Study on anisotropic fast electron transport by polarized K-shell radiation in ultra-short intense laser produced plasmas
MPo22 Mingsheng  Wei Benchmarking the Modeling of Energetic Electron Beam Transport in gNailh and Wire Targets
MPo23 John R Pasley Experiments investigating high-current relativistic electron beam transport in warm-dense plasma
MPo24 Arie  Zigler The fine structure of laser-plasma filament in air
MPo25 Suman  Bagchi Energetic ion emission from periodically modulated metallic surface under intense femtosecond laser irradiation
MPo26 julien soulya fuchs Space- and time-resolved dynamics of fast electrons and of the energy partition into cold electrons
MPo27 Richard P J Town Proton Deflectometry of Electric and Magnetic Fields
MPo28 Wei  Yu Hole-boring into dense plasmas with a series of short, intense laser pulses
MPo29 Alexei G Zhidkov Propagation of l3 Laser Pulses in Underdense Plasma
MPo30 Yasuaki  Okano X-ray polarization measurement for fast electrons in intense-laser-produced plasma under oblique incidence
MPo31 Subhendu  Kahaly Highly efficient absorption of high intensity femtosecond laser light in plasma generated on sub-lambda gratings and generation of hot electrons
MPo32 Subhendu  Kahaly Micronscale spatially resolved and femtosecond time resolved megagauss magnetic pulse in hot, dense plasmas
MPo33 Takeshi  Kai Integral cross sections with magnetic sublevels of He-like ions by electron impact excitation for x-ray polarization spectroscopic analysis
MPo34 Yuichi  Inubushi Diagnostics of anisotropic hot electron velocity distribution using x-ray polarization spectroscopy
MPo35 Toma  Toncian Properties of Laser Triggered Micro Lens for Energy Selection

and Focusing of MeV protons

MPo36 Nathan John Sircombe Energy deposition models for short-pulse laser-solid interaction experiments
MPo39 Ricardo  Ondarza Modulation of harmonic emission spectra in relativistic laser interactions with overdense plasma
MPo40 Max  Tabak Suprathermal pressure  in low mass short-pulse laser irradiated targets
MPo41 Emmanuel  d'Humieres Ultra-fast ionization modeling in laser-plasma interaction
MPo43 NISHIDA Study of novel plasma devices generated by high power lasers coupled with a micro-pulse power technology
MPo44 Jingqin  Su The TIL Commissioning and Performance
MPo45 Jingqin  Su Status of the SG-III Solid-state Laser Facility
MPo46 Xiaofeng  Wei SILEX-I:  330-TW, 30-fs Ti:Sapphire Laser Facility
MPo47 Xiaofeng  Wei Recent progress and future prospects of high-energy peta-watt laser in LFRC, CAEP
MPo48 Changhwan  Lim Construction of the 1 kJ Nd:Glass Laser Facility at KAERI
MPo49 Yasushi  Fujimoto Development of High-Average-Power Laser Based on Silica Glass
MPo50 Nathalie S. BLANCHOT Overview of PETAL, the multi-Petawatt project on the LIL facility
MPo51 Herve  Bercegol Laser damage phenomena relevant to the operation of an ICF laser driver
MPo52 Hisetsugu  Yoshida Front-end system used in PM-Yb fiber laser

for high-peak power laser system
MPo53 Bjorn Manuel Hegelich The Enhanced Trident Laser Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory: A new tool for ICF, HEDP, Dynamic Materials and Ultra-intense laser-matter interaction research
MPo54 Cristina  Hernandez-Gomez Development of 10 PW OPCPA Capability on the Vulcan Laser
MPo55 Seong Ku  Lee Petawatt Ti:sapphire Laser Development in APRI
MPo56 Jean-Paul GOOSSENS Smoothing by spectral dispersion on the ALISE laser facility
MPo57 Bin  Luo Amplifying Modeling for Broad Bandwidth Pulse in Nd:glass Based on Hybrid-broaden Mechanism
MPo58 Briggs Walker Atherton Z-Beamlet: a multi-kJ, TW-class laser for x-radiography applications

on Sandiafs ZR accelerator, and fundamental laser-plasma physics studies
MPo59 Steve  Hocquet Amplitude modulation filtering of FM-to-AM conversion due to the focusing grating of the LMJ
MPo60 Yong Woo  Lee Measurement of amplified spontaneous emission in a 10-TW Ti:sapphire laser
MPo61 hideaki  habara Pulse compression using segmented grating in Gekko MII system, ILE
MPo62 Keiichi  Sueda Pulse shape control on LFEX PW laser for fast ignition of laser fusion
MPo63 Bruno Jean Le Garrec The design of LMJ focal spots for indirect drive experiments
MPo64 Bruno Jean Le Garrec Laser Performance Operation Model and its application to LIL energy and power balance
MPo65 Jae Sung  Shin Dependence of the reflectivity of the confocal type stimulated Brillouin scattering mirror on the overlapping degree of the focal point and the incident beam
MPo66 Jin Woo  Yoon Phase stabilization of the beam combination laser with stimulated Brillouin scattering phase conjugate mirrors
MPo67 Du Hyun  Beak The cross-type optical isolator with symmetric SBS-PCMs at which the prepulse injection is introduced
MPo68 Guy R Bennett Activation of the Z-Petawatt Laser at Sandia National Laboratories
MPo69 Ji-ping  ZOU Recent progresses on LULI high power laser facilities
MPo70 Kiminori  Kondo Pulse compression on LEFX PW laser system
MPo71 Michael  Shaw Laser Performance Operations Model (LPOM): A computational system that automates the setup and performance analysis of the National Ignition Facility
MPo72 David C. Eder Debris and Shrapnel Mitigation Procedures for NIF Experiments
MPo73 Richard  Sacks Laser energetics and propagation modeling for the NIF
MPo74 Charles Gordon Brown Electromagnetic Pulses at Short-Pulse Laser Facilities
MPo75 Young-Seok  Seo Closed-loop control with coupling factor using an AO system
TuPo1 Nobuhiko  Nakanii Absolute Calibration of Imaging Plate for Electron Spectrometer measuring GeV-class electrons
TuPo2 Laurent P. Disdier 14-MeV neutron images with 12-m resolution
TuPo3 Anna  Tauschwitz X-ray scattering diagnostics of ion beam heated targets at GSI and FAIR - The WDM collaboration
TuPo4 Vladimir G. Smirnov Electro-physical and Optical Problems in Creating Lasers for Diagnosing Plasma with a LIDAR Thomson Scattering System
TuPo5 R.  Marmoret Development of laser produced plasma diagnostics for the Megajoule Laser facility and metrology associated
TuPo6 Ramon J Leeper ZR Neutron Diagnostic Suite
TuPo7 Kathrin  Wuensch Probing Dense Fusion Plasmas by X-Ray Thomson Scattering
TuPo8 Briggs Walker Atherton Experiments on Laser Generated X-Rays and Ion Beams in the Context of Sandiafs HEDP Mission
TuPo9 Mark David Wilke Neutron Imaging Development for MegaJoule Scale Inertial Confinement

Fusion Experiments
TuPo10 Hirokazu  Hosoda Development of TOF Neutron Spectrometer for measurement of degenerated plasma in Fast Ignition experiment
TuPo11 Naoki  Senmyo On Degenerate Plasma Diagnostics Based on γ-Ray Measurement
TuPo12 Osamu  Maegawa Application of Bubble Detector to FIREX
TuPo13 Kiyomi  Takato Fabrication of Radiation-Detecting Devices Using Polysaccharide Solids
TuPo14 Yasunobu  Arikawa Fast response neutron scintillation detector
TuPo15 Peter  Song Studies of Background Levels for the NIF Yield Diagnostics from Neutron and Gamma Radiation
TuPo16 Alexander  Saunders Electron Radiography: A tool for imaging NIF experiments
TuPo17 Hans W Herrmann Improved Gamma Bang Time Measurements on Omega and Implications for the National Ignition Facility
TuPo18 Lucile S. Dauffy Gamma Background Calculation for the HEXRI diagnostic at the National Ignition Facility

TuPo20 Gianluca  Gregori High specification 3-D backlighter target component manufacture trials for

micromachining-based mass production
TuPo21 Gary P Grim Inertial Confinement Fusion Burn Diagnostics at Los Alamos National

TuPo22 Gary P Grim Diagnosing Mix in Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments
TuPo23 Wenbing  Pei Recent Theory Researches on Laser Fusion at IAPCM
TuPo25 Richard  Liska Selected Laser Plasma Simulations by ALE Method
TuPo26 Vladislav B. Rozanov Energy transfer in low-density porous targets doped by heavy elements
TuPo27 Rafael A. Yakhin The model of turbulent mixing zone evolution, which accounts for the deviation from spherical symmetry of laser thermonuclear target compression
TuPo29 Kazuto  Otani Preheat Measurement of Planar-Cryogenic Targets
TuPo30 Berenice  Loupias Density measurement of low Z shocked material from monochromatic x-ray 2D image
TuPo31 Valeri Vasilevich Gavrilov Microheterogeneous plasma from polymer aerogel and foam at powerful laser interaction
TuPo32 Taisuke  Nagayama Extraction of Quasi-3D Electron Temperature and Density Distributions of ICF Implosion Cores from Argon K-shell Line Images and the Space-Integrated Spectrum
TuPo33 Douglas Carl Wilson The Effects of High Z Pre-Mix on Burn in ICF Capsules
TuPo34 Warren J Garbett Constraining fundamental plasma physics processes using doped capsule implosions
TuPo35 Nathan D Masters Interface Reconstruction in Two- and Three-Dimensional Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations
TuPo36 Ivan Germanovich Lebo A laser shock tube: experimental and numerical study of mixing zone development of of the accelerated thin layer in Air.
TuPo37 Ivan Germanovich Lebo On the new approach to the experimental study of hydrodynamic instability development in compressed laser targets.
TuPo38 Marc  Vandenboomgaerde Planar hydrodynamic instability computations and experiments with rugby-shaped hohlraums at the Omega laser facility
TuPo39 Takayoshi  Sano The Effects of a Magnetic Field on the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
TuPo40 Serge E. Bouquet Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities and the Drag Buoyancy Equation
TuPo41 Chihiro  Matsuoka Multi-mode character of the nonlinear dynamics of a vortex sheet in the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
TuPo42 Sanz Linear Rayleigh-Taylor instability analysis in ablation fronts dominated by radiation
TuPo43 Jean-Luc A. Feugeas Modelling of hydrodynamics instabilities

including the non local heat transport
TuPo44 Jean-Luc A. Feugeas Multidimensional, non local and magnetic effects

in hot spot relaxation in laser-produced plasmas
TuPo45 Lin  Yin Kinetic Simulations of Stimulated Raman and Brillouin Scattering of Trident Short-Pulse Laser

in a Single-Hot-Spot
TuPo46 Stefan  Hüller Revisiting the Stimulated Raman Scattering process in the weakly damped regime
TuPo47 Robert L. Singleton Dimensional Continuation: A New Way to Calculate the Stopping Power Exactly to Leading and Next-to-Leading Order in the Number Density
TuPo48 Jerome  Breil Modelling of the Magnetic Field Effects in Hydrodynamic Codes Using a Second Order Tensorial Diffusion Scheme
TuPo49 Tara  Desai Laser non-uniformity smoothing using gas jets and phase plates.
TuPo51 Bin  Zhao A Fokker-Planck Code for Laser-Produced Plasmas
TuPo52 Olivier  Morice Nanosecond laser-plasma interaction studies in the context of the LIL facility
TuPo53 Olivier  Morice Nanosecond Raman scattering computation in large plasmas
TuPo54 Shalom  Eliezer How to measure very high magnetic fields in expanding plasmas
TuPo55 Suming  Weng Inverse bremsstrahlung absorption with full electron-electron collisions operator

TuPo56 Jian  Zheng Influence of target geometry on ion temperature of laser-produced plasmas
TuPo57 Sylvie  Depierreux Laser plasma interaction experiments at 526 and 351 nm
TuPo58 John L. Kline Investigation of Stimulated Raman Scattering Using a Short-Pulse Single-Hot-Spot at the Trident Laser Facility
TuPo59 Andre Richard Laser-plasma experiments on CEA facilities at CESTA in Aquitaine
TuPo60 Nathan John Sircombe On the role of electron acoustic waves and beam  acoustic modes in laser backscatter from plasmas
TuPo61 Richard D. Petrasso Observation of the Decay Dynamics and Instabilities of Megagauss

Field Structures in Laser-Produced Plasmas

TuPo62 Mo  Chen Fokker-Planck simulation of non-local thermal smoothing due to non-uniform laser heating

TuPo63 Rafael  Rodriguez Detailed-level-accounting approach calculation of radiative properties of aluminum plasmas in a wide range of density and temperature
TuPo64 Vadim Yu. Politov Model of opacity and emissivity of non-equilibrium plasma
TuPo65 Feilu  Wang Calculation of photoionized plasmas and comparisons with X-ray photoionized plasma
TuPo66 Yi  Zhang Opacity measurements of the x-ray photoionized SiO2 aerogel plasma in gdog-boneh target irradiated by high power laser pulses
TuPo67 Jesus G. Rubiano Analytical opacity formulas for low Z plasmas
TuPo68 Juan Miguel Gil Multifrequential and mean opacity calculation of carbon plasmas in a wide range of density and temperature
TuPo69 Ricardo  Florido ABAKO, a new code for population kinetics and radiative properties of plasmas under NLTE conditions
TuPo70 Michiyoshi  Yuyama Time-dependent atomic processes of discharge produced low Z plasma
TuPo71 Kei  Takano High energy electron generation by the 15 mJ ultrashort pulse laser
TuPo72 jing  zhao High gain inner-shell x-ray lasers pumped by X-ray Free-electron laser system FLASH in DESY
TuPo74 SHOUJUN  WANG Numerical study of Ni-like Mo x-ray lasers at 18.9 nm driven by a grazing incidence pumping scheme
TuPo75 Jiri  Limpouch Applications of low-density foams

for X-ray source studies and

laser beam smoothing

TuPo76 Fida Y. Khattak Development of birght short-pulse x-ray line sources
TuPo77 Shinichi  Namba Photoionized Xeon Cluster Plasmas Generated by a Soft X-ray Laser Pulse
TuPo78 Keiji  Nagai Low-density and nanostructured metals and metal oxides as laser targets to generate extreme ultraviolet (EUV), x-ray, and hot electron
TuPo79 Marilou M Cadatal Wide-gap semiconductors as fast EUV scintillators
TuPo80 Tatsuo  Okada Comparative Study on EUV and Debris Emission from CO2 and Nd:YAG Laser-Produced Tin Plasmas
TuPo81 Mark S. Tillack EUV Emissions in Spherical vs. Planar Targets
TuPo82 Masanori  Nunami 3D PIC simulation of ion debris mitigation by B-field for LPP-EUV source
TuPo83 Akira  Sasaki Detailed atomic modeling of Sn plasmas for the EUV source
TuPo84 Yoshinori  Shimada Fundamental study of new target supplying system (punch-out target) for extreme ultra violet (EUV) light source
TuPo85 Nozomu  Kishi Development of Z pinch discharge EUV light sources
TuPo86 Tatsuya  AOTA Study of tin- droplet target EUV source
TuPo87 Katsunobu  Nishihara Radiation Hydrodynamics in LPP-EUV Source and Theoretical Guidelines for Practical Use

TuPo88 Takeshi  Nishikawa EUV Source Design Flexibility for Lithography
TuPo89 Koji  Tsubakimoto Development of High-peak, High-average-power LD Pumped Solid-State Laser System for EUV Generation
ThPo1 Wayne R Meier Systems Modeling for a Laser-Driven IFE Power Plant using Direct Conversion
ThPo2 Youji  SOMEYA Maintenance Method and its Critical Issues for a Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Reactor based on a Dry Wall Chamber
ThPoIAEA3 Heinrich  Hora Single-Shot Laser Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Based on Nanosecond or Picosecond Laser Pulses
ThPo4 Takuya  Goto Analysis of a core plasma dynamics and dry wall chamber for fast-ignition IFE power plant
ThPo5 Hiroki  Yoshida Coil Gun for IFE Target Injector
ThPo6 Neil B. Alexander A target insertion and positioning system for high-power rep-rated lasers
ThPoW Lane C Carlson Glint System Integration into an IFE Target Tracking and Engagement Demonstration
ThPoIAEA9 Rajabbay  Khaydarov Investigation of interaction of laser radiation with of two elements Sc2O3, Ce2O3, Lu2O3 targets
ThPo10 Takashi  Ohshige Experimental Studies on Formation of Aerosol in Laser Fusion Reactor Chamber by discharge method
ThPo11 Hiroyuki  Furukawa Study on dynamics of ablation plums produced by fusion products in laser fusion liquid wall chamber
ThPoIAEA12 Diego  Diaz Effect of Magnetism in Radiation Damage of Ferritic Steels in KOYO-F
ThPoIAEA13 Yuri  Herreras Yambanis 3D Neutronic Calculations: CAD-MCNP Methodology applied to

Vessel Activation in KOYO-F

ThPo15 Linarejos  Gamez He and H production and induced Swelling in KOYO-F
ThPo16 Marta  Velarde Evaluation of Permeable and Non-Permeable Tritium in Normal Condition

in a Fusion Reactor
ThPo17 Oscar  Cabellos Effect of activation cross-section uncertainties in the assessment of primary damage for MFE/IFE structural materials
ThPo19 Alberto  Abanades Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes as design tools

for Inertial Confinement Fusion reactors
ThPoIAEA20 Alexander D. Fertman Experimental investigation of the induced radioactivity in elements of heavy ion accelerators
ThPoIAEA101 Shmatov, M. Advantages of the fast ignition, direct compression targets with two cones from the viewpoint of IFE reactor chamber physics
ThPoIAEA102 Rudraiah  The Effects of Electrical Field, Laser Radiation and Roughness at the Ablative Surface of IFE Target to Control the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
ThPoIAEA103 Kasai Analysis of Trajectory Adjusting System using Magnetic Lens for Superconducting IFE Target
ThPoIAEA104 Saruta Application of Target Tracking Method Using Arago Spot and Divergent Beam to In-chamber Measurement
ThPoIAEA105 Sakae, S. Experiments on gas gun with rifling for IFE-target injection
ThPoIAEA106 Kunugi, T Proof-Of-Principle Study on Cascade-typed Falling Liquid Film Flow along First Wall of Laser-Fusion Reactor
ThPoIAEA107 Fukada, S. Tritium Recovery System for Li-Pb Loop of Inertial Fusion Reacto
ThPoIAEA108 Kajimura, Y Numerical study for beam port protection by magnetic fields in the Laser
Fusion Reactor KOYO-F
ThPoIAEA109 Hiroki  Yoshida Experimental Study of a Coil Gun for Injection and Tracking
ThPoIAEA110 Kalal, M. SBS PCM Technique and its potential role in achieving laser fusion objectives
ThPoIAEA111 Kasuya Applications of Laser and Particle Beam Apparatuses to IFE Reactor Chamber Wall Research Wlorks
ThPoIAEA112 Kong, H. J. Much improved long-term stabilized beam combined laser system for a laser fusion driver using phase controlled stimulated Brillouin scattering mirrors
ThPoIAEA113 Dhareshwar Inertial confinement fusion targets and dirivers, the Indian scenario
ThPo35 Sofiane  Bahbah High power Yb:YAG diodes pumped LUCIA front-end oscillator

(250 mJ, 50 ns, 2 Hz).

ThPo36 Gilbert L. Bourdet Performances of cryogenic cooled laser based on Ytterbium doped sesquioxide ceramics
ThPo37 Vladimir D. Zvorykin Quests for Inertial Fusion Energy conducted at GARPUN KrF laser facility
ThPo38 Jean-Christophe Francis Chanteloup Wavelength tunable, 264 J Laser Diode Array for 10Hz/1ms Yb:YAG pumping
ThPo39 Daniel  Albach A key issue for next generation Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Drivers for IFE: Amplified Spontaneous Emission in large size, high gain Yb:YAG slabs
ThPo40 Junji  Kawanaka New Concept of Laser Fusion Energy Driver by Using Cryogenically-Cooled Yb:YAG Ceramics

ThPo41 Ryo  Yasuhara Development of cryogenic TGG ceramic based Faraday rotator for inertial fusion driver
ThPo42 Takashi  Sekine High order wavefront correction for a 1 Joule class Nd:YLF rod amplifier by phase conjugate plate
ThPo43 Yasuki  Takeuchi New design of the temperature controlled pockels cell for IFE driver
ThPo44 Akira  Yoshida Numerical laser gain estimation of cryogenic Yb:YAG ceramics for IFE reactor driver
ThPo46 John A. Caird Advanced Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (DPSSLs) for Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE)
ThPo51 Toru  Sasaki A Comparative Study of  Equation of State and Condutivity for Warm Dense Matter using Pulsed-power Wire Discharges in Water
ThPo52 Toru  Sasaki Tamped Target for Warm Dense Matter Experiments using Intense Heavy Ion Beam
ThPo53 Sheng-Nian  Luo Applications of Laser-Driven Stress Waves to Investigating Dynamic Response of Condensed Matter
ThPo54 Patrick  Renaudin Comparison of the Ziman and Kubo-Greenwood electrical resistivities in the warm dense regime
ThPo55 stephane  mazevet Ab initio calculations of the X-ray absorption spectra of shocked compressed aluminuum
ThPo56 Takayoshi  Sano Equation-of-State Measurements of Liquid Hydrogen by Laser-Induced Shock Compression and Its Application to Interior Structure of Gas Giant Planets
ThPo57 Kotaro  Kondo Relaxation Layer in Electro-magnetically Driven Strong Shocks
ThPo58 Tomoaki  Kimura Off-Hugoniot investigation using high power laser and precompressed target at Osaka University
ThPo59 John J. Barnard Simulations of Ion Beam Heated Targets for Warm Dense Matter Physics and IFE-Related Hydrodynamic Studies
ThPo60 Tommaso  Vinci Laboratory Astrophysics using High Energy Lasers:

simulations of plasma jets
ThPo61 Claire  Michaut Link between Laboratory and Astrophysical Radiative Shocks
ThPo62 Claire  Michaut Radiative Cooling and Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Astrophysical and Laboratory Jets
ThPo63 Xavier  Ribeyre Rayleigh-Taylor instability in spherical non-stationnary expansion : application in Pulsar Wind   Nebulae
ThPo64 Brent E. Blue Astrophysical Jet Experiments on Inertial Confinement Fusion Machines
ThPo65 Toshihiko  Kadono Impact vaporization of rocks using a high-power laser
ThPo66 Emeric M. Falize Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Jets Expansion and Radiative Collimation. Comparaison with Laser Facilities Experiments
ThPo67 Emeric M. Falize Scaling Laws in Hydrodynamics with Radiation in the context of High-Density Energy Physics and Laboratory Astrophysics
ThPo68 Naofumi  Ohnishi Numerical analysis of nanograin collision by classical molecular dynamics
ThPo69 Naofumi  Ohnishi Standing accretion shock instability: numerical simulations of core-collapse supernova and its laboratory experiment
ThPo70 Yousuke  Ogino Numerical Study of Laser-Induced Blast Wave Coupled with Unsteady Ionization Processes
ThPo71 Youichi  Sakawa Laboratory Experiments to Study Astrophysical Shock and Jets
ThPo72 Wakana  IWAKAMI Three-Dimensional Simulations of Standing Accretion Shock Instability in Supernova Cores
ThPo73 Berenice  Loupias Supersonic jet experiments using high energy laser
ThPo74 Jun  Zheng Spectral control in quasi-monoenergetic proton generation with double foil target
ThPo75 Mamiko  Nishiuchi Laser-driven proton sources and their applications
ThPo76 Reiji  Sugaya Relativistic Electron Beam Acceleration by Extraordinary Beat Wave
ThPo77 Reiji  Sugaya Acceleration of Relativistic Electron Beam Trapped in Extraordinary Beat Wave
ThPo78 Kazuhiro  Akimoto Nonlinear mechanisms for cyclotron-resonance accelerations by an an Alfven-wave pulse
ThPo79 Jan  Badziak Ultrahigh-current proton beams from short-pulse laser-solid interactions
ThPo80 Nobuhiko  Nakanii Electron acceleration in imploded hollow cylinder
ThPo81 Liming  Chen Electron acceleration from the discharged capillary irradiated by 100 TW laser pulses

ThPo82 Shinichi  Masuda Measurement of Stability of Electron Beam Generated by Laser-driven Plasma-based Accelerator
ThPo83 Toshio  Okada Energetic proton acceleration in the interaction of ultraintense laser pulses with thin plasma targets
ThPo84 Kitae  Lee Generation of MeV proton beams by irradiating an ultra-short, intense laser pulse on thick plastic targets
ThPo85 Carmela  Strangio Generation of fast-ion sources by focusing short laser pulses on ultra-thin causally isolated targets and a possible IFE application
ThPo86 Shigeo  KAWATA Collimated Ion Beam by a Tailored Target Illuminated by an Intense Short Pulse Laser
ThPo87 Zheng-Ming  Sheng Stochastic heating and acceleration of electrons by high intensity lasers in inhomogeneous plasmas
ThPo88 Min Qing He Acceleration dynamics of ions in shock and solitary waves driven by ultrashort intense lasers
ThPo90 Dimitri  Batani Laser non-uniformity smoothing using gas jets
FPo1 Maxim N. Chizhkov Simulation of strongly deformable flows in ISKRA-6 indirectly driven thermonuclear targets
FPo3 Jerome  Breil CHIC a 2D code for direct drive ICF
FPo4 James H Cooley Effects of Final Laser Pulse Shape on the National Ignition Facility Laser Coupling and Capsule Energetics and Margin
FPo5 Aaron C. Fisher Hierarchical Material Models for Fragmentation Modeling in NIF-ALE-AMR
FPo7 Heinrich  Hora Plasma mirror for high contrast picosecond laser pulses for fast ignition fusion
FPo8 Brian J. Albright New Particle-In-Cell Modeling Capability for Large-Scale Kinetic Simulation of Inertial Confinement Fusion and Fast Ignition Relevant Plasma Media
FPo9 Brian J. Albright Studies in Capsule Design for Mid-Z Ion-Driven Fast Ignition
FPo10 Xiaohui  Yuan Emissions of fast electrons along the target surfaces irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses
FPo11 Hirotaka  Nakamura Energetic Electron Spectra Dependent on PW Laser Interactions with an Entrant Cone Wall
FPo12 Dirk O. Gericke On Fast Igniton by Laser-produced Ion Beams
FPo13 Masakatsu  Murakami Optimization of impactor shell acceleration for Impact Fast Ignition
FPo14 Sergey Yurievich Gus'kov Perculiarities of laser-driven acceleration of a flat projectile up to
FPo15 Min  Chen Focusing of relativistic electron beams by a solid cone
FPo16 Mikhail L. Shmatov Factors determining the choice of the laser-accelerated ions for heating the hot spot
FPo17 J. Javier Honrubia Fast ignitor target studies for HiPER
FPo18 Motoaki  Nakatsutsumi Heating of solid target in electron refluxing dominated regime with ultra-intense laser
FPo19 Jia Yong Zhong Imploded core dynamics of shell-cone targets observed with 1D+McMIXS
FPo20 Takeshi  Watari Neutron Generation from Impact Fast Ignition
FPo21 Hideaki  Matsuura Distortion of Bulk-Electron Distribution Function and Its Effect on Core Heating in Fast Ignition Plasmas
FPo22 Roland  Duclous Maxwell Fokker-Planck code for kinetic simulations of the ICF-Fast Ignition physics
FPo23 Xavier  Ribeyre Numerical simulations of the compression stage of the HiPER baseline target
FPo24 Richard B. Stephens Proton focusing in a FI target compatible configuration
FPo25 Takaki  Ohmura Ignition and Burn Characteristics of D-3H-Fueled Fast Ignition Targets
FPo26 Mayuko  Koga Measurement of PW Laser Injection Time to Imploded Core Plasma

by Using X-ray Framing Camera
FPo27 Hitoshi  Sakagami Scaling Law for Fast Electron Beam Intensity in Fast Ignition
FPo28 David R Farley Non-dimensional Scaling of Impact Fast Ignition Experiments
FPo29 Pedro  Velarde Fast ignition jet impact scheme
FPo30 Jerzy  Wolowski Application of laser-induced double ablation of plasma for enhanced macroparticle acceleration
FPo31 Max  Tabak Hydrodynamic assembly for Fast Ignition
FPo32 linchun  wu Nonlinear Force Driven Skin Layer Acceleration of Plasma Blocks
FPo34 Alexander A. Golubev Measurement of the energy deposition profile for heavy ions with specific energy up to 1 GeV/u in solid targets.
FPo35 B. Grant Logan Heavy-ion direct-drive T-lean targets for self-T breeding and plasma MHD direct conversion
FPo36 Noriyosu  Hayashizaki Multi-channel RFQ Linac for Intense Heavy Ion Driver
FPo37 Gueorgi M. Oleinik Investigation into the processes of plasma production on the surface of electrodes made from different materials on Angara-5-1.
FPo38 Christina A. Back Innovative Targets for Pulsed-Power Experiments
FPo39 FARHAT Nadeem Beg Supersonic Jet Formation using a Compact Pulsed Driven X-pinch
FPo40 Simon  Bott Experimental observations of mass ablation rates in cylindrical wire arrays
FPo43 Liqin  Ge The fabrication of the tin dioxide on multilayered capsules
FPo44 Takeshi  Fujimura Development of characterization of the foam shell target for Fast Ignition Realization Experiment- I (FIREX-I)

FPo45 Akifumi  Iwamoto Study on a fuel layering sequence of the foam target for the FIREX project
FPo46 Andrew C. Forsman The Drilling of Counterbored Fill Holes in Beryllium Shells and Fundamental Limits on the Maximum Aspect Ratios of Laser
FPo47 Mitsuo  Nakai Fabrication and Characterization of Planar Cryogenic Target for GEKKO-XII
FPo48 Han  Yang The investigation on the mechanism of phloroglucinolcarboxylic acid/formaldehyde gelation process and obvious density increase before and after extraction drying
FPo49 Toshiyuki  Abe Exploration and Evaluation of Organic Target Material for Laser Fusion

by Means of Photoelectrochemistry
FPo51 Marilou M. Cadatal CYTOP planar terahertz waveguide: A highly transparent plastic for hybrid

optics applications
FPo52 Marilou M. Cadatal Fourfold symmetry in the azimuthal angle dependence of the terahertz

radiation of (100) p-InAs under magnetic field
FPo53 Marilou M Cadatal Nd3+: (La1-x,Bax)F3-x Grown by Micro-PD Method as New Vacuum Ultraviolet Scintillator and Potential Laser Material
FPo54 Marilou  Cadatal Transparent Ceramics Optics Mid-infrared Imaging of Gas-phase Samples
FPo55 Marilou  Cadatal Experimental and calculated terahertz spectra of naphthalene and 1,4-dihydroxynaphthalene in the 0.5- to 6 terahertz region
FPo56 Masakatsu  Murakami Coulomb explosion driven by thermal explosion of hot electrons
FPo57 Mohamed Salah Mahmoud Mohamed Experiments on Laser Induced Production of Magnesium Towards Fossil -Fuel-Free Energy Cycle
FPo58 Dazhi  Li Experiment on Iodine transmutation by laser Compton scattering gamma ray
FPo59 Masayuki  Fujita Ultrafast Phase Transition of Si by Femtosecond Laser Pulse Irradiation
FPo60 Irina N. Zavestovskaya Ultrashort Laser Pulse Ablation of Metals: Threshold characteristics
FPo61 Zhi-Yuan  Zheng Application of laser plasma in propulsion
FPo62 Ayumi  Oguchi Parametric injection for monoenergetic electron acceleration
FPo63 Yuri Petrovich Zakharov Advanced study of ICF-energy direct conversion for Laser Fusion Rocket with quasi-dipole field in the laser-plasma experiments and PIC–simulations
FPo64 Nobuo  Matsuda Improvement of Thrust Efficiency of Laser Fusion Rocket with Shaped Target
FPo65 Vasilii V. Zhakhovskii Laser Ablation of Crystalline Aluminum Simulated by Molecular Dynamics
FPo66 Kazunori  Shibata The possibility for superconductor fusion in metallic hydrogen
FPo67 Peijun  CAI One Controlled Approach to Nano-sized Carbon Spheres
FPo68 Ryo  Kawabuchi Numerical Simulation of Plasma detachment from a Magnetic Nozzle by using Fully Particle-In-Cell Code
FPo69 Taku  Saiki Oscillation Property of Rod-Type Nd/Cr:YAG Ceramic Lasers with Arc-Metal-Halide-Lamp Pumping
FPo70 Tetsuo  Harimoto Numerical analysis of near and far field patterns of second-harmonic generation with tiling nonlinear optical crystals
FPo71 Y. C. Francis Thio Magneto-Inertial Fusion: An Emerging Concept for Inertial Fusion and Dense Plasmas in Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields
FPo72 Baimbetov Ionization cross section and coefficient of partially ionized hydrogen plasma
FPo73 Baimbetov About one model of interaction between structure elements of dusty plasma
FPo76 Ezaki Development of Segmented Grating Mount System for FIREX-1
FPo77 Monteil Symmetry experiments on Omega connected to new LMJ designs
FPo78 MIAO Investigation on Diagnostics for Capsule Fuel-Shell Interface in SG-II Indirect-Drive Implosions
FPo79 Kasperczuk Influence of the focal point position of a focusing lens on a character of an ablative plasma expansion
FPo80 Rhee Nuclear fusion reactions in the D2 clusters and deuterated polymers
FPo81 SHCHEBELINA The possibility to improve the systems for control of target debris parameters and electrostatic plasma confinement
FPo82 Shu Laser driven shock wave stability and planarity
FPo83 Lin Zhang Detecting the uniformity of polymer foams by -ray technology
FPo84 Oliva Study of the impact of small-scale modulations and size of the plasma on seeded soft x-ray laser homogeneity
FPo85 Norimasa Yamamoto Constructions of an ionization non-equilibrium plasma model for applications to laboratory and solar plasmas
FPo86 Gilles Riazuelo Model  for Forward Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
FPo87 H. Nakajima Ground penetrating radar using a microwave radiated laser induced plasma
FPo88 Amita Das Stability of one - dimensional relativistic laser plasma envelope solitons
FPo89 Iwamae Time-dependent spectroscopic measurements of electron temperature and ion abundance ratios of helium- and lithium-lke titanium ions in laser-produced underdense plasmas for X-ray generation