Invited Speakers

Terance HILSABECK (General Atomics)

5-ps Optical Imaging of “Fusion Plasma” with Electron Pulse-dilation

Title: Picosecond optical sensing and imaging with electron pulse-dilation
Author: Terance Hilsabeck
Affiliation: General Atomics
Email: hilsabeck[at]fusion.gat.com
5-ps Optical Imaging of “Fusion Plasma” with Electron Pulse-dilation
Electron pulse-dilation is a technique whereby an electron signal is stretched in time so that the effective temporal response of the detection system is improved significantly. Using photoelectric conversion, this method has been used to build photon imagers and detectors with response times on the order of a few picoseconds. Principles of the electron pulse-dilation technique will be discussed along with performance results of several recently developed instruments.
Biographical Sketch: Dr. Hilsabeck received his PhD in Plasma Physics from the University of California at San Diego in 2003. From 2003-2006, Dr. Hilsabeck was a member of Archimedes Technology Group in San Diego CA where he worked on plasma heating with MW class RF systems and plasma fueling with condensable feeds. From 2006-2008, Dr. Hilsabeck worked for Cymer Inc. of San Diego CA on design improvements of excimer laser discharge chambers. In 2008, Dr. Hilsabeck joined General Atomics where he has been developing electron pulse-dilation instrumentation for inertial confinement fusion experiments including the DIXI x-ray framing camera now in use at the National Ignition Facility.