Invited Speakers

Takayuki WATANABE (Kyushu University)

“Temperature/Motion Simultaneous Imaging of Thermal Plasma”

Title: High Speed Visualization of Thermal Plasma Characteristics
Author: Takayuki Watanabe
Affiliation: Kyushu University
Email: watanabe[at]chem-eng.kyushu-u.ac.jp
URL: http://www.chem-eng.kyushu-u.ac.jp/lab5/
Abstract: Thermal plasmas have attracted extensive attention due to their unique advantages, and it is expected to be utilized for a number of industrial applications. In spite of these experimental efforts for industrial applications, thermal plasma generation and its characteristics remain to be explored. Combination of the two-color pyrometry and the high-speed camera observation is a powerful tool to reveal the electrode phenomena. In this presentation, fundamental researches for electrode phenomena determining thermal plasma characteristics to develop innovative industrial applications of material processing and waste treatment.
Biographical Sketch: 1986, Research Associate at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1994, Visiting Researcher at Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Minnesota
1995, Associate Professor at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2013, Professor at Chemical Engineering, Kyushu University
Research Fields: Plasma material processing, Plasma waste treatment