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Organized Sessions
ICHSIP-31 includes following organized sessions (OS).
Please select session candidates for your presentation from the list in “Research Topics” in the “Abstract Submission Form”. Please allow us to allocate your presentation to a proper, but possibly different OS from your first choice. Scientists with * cannot participate in the conference this time.

Instrumentations and Solution Tools
1 High-speed Image Sensors/Cameras  and Imaging Systems Renato Turchetta (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), Rihito Kuroda (Tohoku University), Liang Gao (University of Illinois) , Vyshnavi Suntharalingam (MIT)
2 Holographic High-speed Imaging Yasuhiro Awatsuji (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Shinichi Suzuki (Toyohashi University of Technology)
3 High-speed X-ray, Infrared, Microwave, and Neutron imaging Eiichi Sato (Iwate Medical University), Heinz Graafsma* (DESY), Hiroyuki Iwamoto (JASRI, Spring8), Tetsuya Yaoita (Ken Automation)
4 Flow Videometrics (PIV, PSP, TSP, LIF, etc) Jun Sakakibara (Meiji Univesity), Kazuyuki Nakakita (JAXA)
5 High-speed Electronic and Specialized Microscopy Geoffrey Campbell (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
6 High-speed Imaging Tools (Streak Tube, Scintillators, Photoelastic, Schlieren, Illumination, Image Analyses, 3/4D imaging, etc) Yasunobu Arikawa (Osaka University), Jim Walton (4DVIDEO), Chi Hung Hwang* (NARLabs, Taiwan)
Physical Applications
7 Bubbles and Drops Michel Versluis (University of Twente), Shu Takagi (University of Tokyo)
8 Spray and Combustion Nobuyuki Kawahara (Okayama University), Manabu Fuchihata (Kindai University), Ilia Roisman (Technical University of Darmstadt)
9 Flow Visualization (Super/sub-sonic to Microscopic Flows, Shock Waves, etc, including Applications of PIV, PSP, and Other Solution Tools) Sigurdor Thoroddsen (KAUST), Hervert Olivier (RWTH Aachen University), Tsutomu Saito (Muroran Institute of Technology), Toshiharu Mizukaki (Tokai University)
10 High-pressure Shock Compression Tsutomu Mashimo (Kumamoto University)
11 High-velocity and Hypervelocity  Impact in Aerospace Engineering and Science Yasuhiro Akahoshi (Kyushu Institute of technology), Masahiro Nishida (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Yukihito Kitazawa (ISAS/JAXA), Hideki Tanno (JAXA) , Masami Higashide (JAXA)
12 Explosion, Detonation and the Applications Shiro Kubota (AIST), Kazuyuki Hokamoto (Kumamoto University)
High-speed Imaging of Nuclear Fusion Plasmas 
Hiroyuki Shiraga (Osaka University), Terance Hilsabeck (General Atomic)
14 Imaging Diagnostics in Plasma Applications Yasunobu Arikawa (Osaka University), Takayuki Watanabe (Kyushu University)
15 Experimental Mechanics (Deformation, Fracture and Non-destructive Measurement) Shinichi Suzuki (Toyohashi University of Technology)
16 High-speed Physics and Chemistry (Atto/Femto-second Laser, Chemical Reactions, Atomic/Molecular Motions, Imaging TOF MS, etc) Shinichi Adachi (KEK), Katsumi Midorikawa* (RIKEN), Andrei Nomerotski
17 High-speed Image Sensing and Processing Komuro Takashi (Saitama University), Shingo Kagami (Tohoku University)
18 High-speed Imaging for Broadcasting and Video Production Hiroshi Ohtake (NHK)
19 High-speed Observation/Inspection in Industry (Airplane, Car, Production Lines, Welding, Laser Processing, etc) Boleslaw Stasicki (DLR), T. Goji Etoh (Ritsumeikan University)
Bio-Medical Applications
20 High-Speed Biomedical Imaging Keisuke Goda (University of Tokyo), Hamid Hosseini (Kumamoto University), Baoli Yao (Chinese Academy of Science), Yuji Sasaki (University of Tokyo), Eleanor Stride (University of Oxford)
21 Sports and Flying/Swimming Animals, Insets and Microbes Shinichiro Ito (Kogakuin University), Shinji Kamimura (Cho University), Tutomu Takagi (Hokaido University)
22 Others When you choose this box, please give us your comment by using the comment box in the Abstract Submission Form.

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