Instrumentation and Solution Tools

Sensors and Cameras: Sensors for visible, UV, IR, X-­‐ray, Gamma-­‐ray,
Neutron; Single/Multi-­‐framing, Streak and Video Cameras
Light Sources: Laser, LED, Xenon Flash, Super-­‐continua, Accelerators
Optics: Holography, Interferometry, FLIM, Pump-­‐Probe Microscopy
Electronics: Control and Synchronization tools, Pulse Power Source
Solution tools: Tracking, PIV, Motion-­‐image Analyses, 3D Imaging/Display

Physical Applications

Combustion, Explosion, Detonation, Flow and Shockwave Visualization
Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami, Mad-­‐flows, Volcano
Impact Studies: Car Crush, , Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Materials
Material Processing: Laser Processing, Plasma Processing, Thermal Plasma, Welding, Machining
Monitoring: Production Line Monitoring, Security and Surveillance
Fusion Plasma, High-­Energy Physics, High-­Pressure Shock Compression,Space and Planetary Sciences and Engineering

Biological Applications

Sport Engineering, Sport Medicine
Flying/Running/Swimming Animals , Insects Fish and Microbes
Cardiovascular, Brain-­‐Neuro, Respiratory and Articular Medicines
Cell and Microbe Biology