12th International Conference on
High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics (HEDLA)
May 27-Jun 1, 2018, Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

Presentation Number by Country:

Total ( I C P )
Japan 50 ( 7 9 34 )
USA 25 ( 12 10 3 )
France 20 ( 4 8 8 )
UK 8 ( 2 3 3 )
China 7 ( 3 3 1 )
Germany 5 ( 2 1 2 )
Taiwan 4 ( 0 0 4 )
Hungary 1 ( 1 0 0 )
India 1 ( 1 0 0 )
Korea 1 ( 0 0 1 )
Portugal 1 ( 1 0 0 )
Total 123 ( 33 34 56 )

Invited Talks (33):

S13.2 Paulo Alves Efficient non-thermal particle acceleration mediated by the current-driven kink instability in jets
S08.1 Paul Campbell Relativistic magnetic reconnection driven by high intensity lasers
S07.3 Franck Delahaye A quantitative comparison of opacities calculated using the distorted-wave and R-Matrix methods
S15.1 William Fox Magnetic reconnection in colliding laser-produced plasmas
S11.2 Laurent Gremillet Bright synchrotron sources from structured targets driven by ultraintense lasers
S11.1 Thomas Grismayer Relativistic reconnection in near critical magnetic fields
S10.1 Tristan Guillot Unveiling Jupiter s interior with Juno
S05.1 Nicholas Hartley Diamond rain in the interior of large planets
S09.2 Arpad Kis Spacecraft in-situ observations of the terrestrial foreshock: Cluster results
S02.1 Kotaro Kohno Radio to (sub)millimeter observations of astrophysical plasmas
S03.2 Ravindra Kumar Giant magnetic fields in intense laser-solid interactions as astrophysical analogues
S06.2 Martin Laming Magnetic fields and particle injection at collisionless shocks
S02.2 Guillaume Loisel A benchmark experiment for x-ray emission and temperature diagnostics in accretion-powered photoionized plasmas
S14.1 Mario Manuel Laboratory astrophysics experiments to study magnetized Rayleigh-Taylor relevant to the Crab nebula
S10.2 Marius Millot Investigating the insulator to metal transition in dense fluid hydrogen with laser-driven dynamic compression
S09.1 Yoshizumi Miyoshi Energetic electron accelerations of relativistic electrons observed by the Arase satellite
S01.3 Yasushi Ono Magnetic reconnection experiments by use of merging tokamak and spheromak plasmas
S07.2 Guilhem Revet Astrophysical relevant laboratory experiment of laser-created plasma interaction with a magnetic field in the context of star formation: jets formation and accretion dynamic
S03.3 Alexandra Rigby Electron acceleration by wave turbulence in a magnetized plasma
S04.1 Hans Rinderknecht Progress toward fully-formed collisionless astrophysically-relevant shock experiments on OMEGA and the NIF
S13.1 Baifei Shen Collisionless shock acceleration of high-flux quasimonoenergetic proton beams driven by circularly polarized laser pulses
S01.1 Kazunari Shibata Superflares on solar type stars
S05.2 Raymond Smith Equation of state of Fe and Fe-Si under core conditions of large rocky exoplanets
S01.2 Lee Suttle An experimental platform for pulsed-power driven magnetic reconnection
S07.1 Kengo Tomida Formation of circumstellar disks and non-ideal magnetohydrodynamic effects
S15.2 Samuel Totorica Particle acceleration in laser-driven magnetic reconnection
S03.1 Petros Tzeferacos Magnetic fields in the Cosmos: how laser-driven experiments can shed light on turbulent dynamo
S04.3 Martin Weidl Observations of the resonant right-hand instability in the Large Plasma Device
S06.1 Annop Wongwathanarat Bridging the gap between core-collapse supernova simulations and observations
S13.3 Akifumi Yogo Extremely-high flux neutron source realized by laser
S09.3 Zensho Yoshida Laboratory Magnetosphere RT-1: Self-organized magnetic confinement in most natural configuration
S04.2 Dawei Yuan Laboratory investigation of the filamentation instability in counter-streaming flows using optical diagnostics
S08.2 Jiayong Zhong Laser-driven low beta magnetic reconnection

Contributed Talks (34):

S03.5 Archie Bott Characterizing the evolution of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in a turbulent laser plasma
S11.4 Emmanuel d'Humieres Two photon Breit-Wheeler pair production and beaming in the context of laboratory experiments and active galactic nuclei
S06.3 Antoine Gintrand New self-similar solutions in cooling supernova remnants
S08.3 Jack Halliday Particle acceleration in high energy density magnetic reconnection experiments
S14.5 Shahab Khan Generation of non-linear ablative Rayleigh-Taylor growth using laser imprinting at the National Ignition Facility
S13.4 John Kirk Inductive particle acceleration in pulsar winds
S14.2 Carolyn Kuranz NIF laboratory astrophysics experiments investigating the effects of a radiative shock on hydrodynamic instabilities
S12.5 King Fai Farley Law Generation of anti-parallel kilo-tesla magnetic field and particle acceleration with laser-driven snail target
S02.3 Yutong Li Laboratory formation of bipolar jets due to collimation of a wide-angle disk plasma wind embedded in poloidal magnetic fields
S03.4 Youhei Masada Numerical simulations of solar magnetism: Organization of large-scale magnetic structure in turbulent stratified convection
S09.4 Yosuke Matsumoto 3D PIC simulations of high-Mach-number shocks and associated electron accelerations
S06.5 Thibault Michel Recent investigations on radiative shocks interacting with an obstacle
S10.4 Burkhard Militzer The interior of Saturn and matter at extreme conditions studied with first-principles computer simulations
S02.4 Akira Mizuta Relativistic Alfven pulse emission from black hole accretion disk and particle acceleration via wake fields in relativistic jets
S12.2 Quentin Moreno-Gelos New mechanism of magnetic field compression in collisionless magnetosonic shocks
S08.4 Taichi Morita Study of driven magnetic reconnection in high-power laser-produced plasma
S10.3 Takuo Okuchi Insulator to semiconductor transition of light and heavy waters at dynamic compression by laser-driven shock wave
S04.4 Hye-Sook Park Study of magnetized collisionless shocks on Omega
S07.4 Theodore Perry Measurement of iron opacity on the NIF
S06.4 Alexei Poludnenko Experimental and numerical study of the unconfined deflagration-to-detonation transition in thermonuclear type Ia supernovae
S01.4 Bin Qiao Magnetic reconnection in the high-energy-density and relativistic regime
S10.5 Alessandra Ravasio Equation of state and optical reflectivity of shock compressed CHNO mixtures
S15.3 Bruce Remington Exploring the universe through Discovery Science on NIF: an overview and highlights
S14.3 Gabriel Rigon Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities relevant to Supernovae Remnants
S12.4 Takayoshi Sano Effects of an external magnetic field on Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in high energy density plasmas
S04.5 Derek Schaeffer Generation of laser-driven, high-Mach-number magnetized collisionless shocks
S11.3 Yasuhiko Sentoku keV ion heating in solid iron via radial acoustic waves driven by nano-focused XFEL
S05.4 Francois Soubiran Properties of magnesium oxide in super-Earths
S12.1 Tao Tao Study on character of ambient gas in planetary nebula morphology with poloidal collimation magnetic field using laser-produced plasma
S04.6 Eleanor Tubman Experimental studies of bow shocks formed in supersonic plasma flows with varying advected magnetic fields
S12.3 Arno Vanthieghem Stability analysis of a periodic system of relativistic current filaments
S07.5 Christopher Weber Stellar-relevant thermonuclear reactivity measurements at the National Ignition Facility
S14.4 Thomas White Supersonic plasma turbulence in the laboratory
S05.3 Hikaru Yabuta Laser-shock evolution of organic molecules in carbonaceous meteorite

Poster Presentations (56):

P.01 Takashi Asahina Simulation study of magnetic field effect on nonlocal heat transport in laser ablation plasma
P.02 Andreas Bierwage Magnetic topology change during large-amplitude Alfvenic oscillations driven by energetic beam ions in a tokamak plasma
P.03 Nima Bolouki Collective Thomson scattering measurements at 100 TW laser facility of NCU to study reflected particles of upstream shocks
P.04 Clotilde Busschaert Radiation magnetohydrodynamics: prospects for laboratory astrophysics given existing scaling laws
P.05 Andrea Ciardi Energetic particle dynamics in colliding laser-produced plasma
P.06 Federica Coppari Reference-free EOS measurements from laser-accelerated flyer-plate impact
P.07 Shunsuke Egashira Magnetic reconnection driven by high-energy laser beams
P.08 Emeric Falize Recent laboratory astrophysics studies of accreting magnetized white dwarfs: From VLT observations to Megajoule laser experiments
P.09 Yuji Fukuda Multi-MeV proton beams accelerated by Coulomb explosion of micron-size hydrogen clusters
P.10 Catalina Garcia Simulating super-Alfvenic plasma flows interacting with magnetised obstacles
P.11 Dominique Gilles HULLAC-v9 and SCO-RCG atomic spectral LTE opacity data for astrophysical and laser applications: results and discussion
P.12 Daniil Golovin Development of laser driven kilo-Tesla magnetic field generator in micron scale
P.13 Sofyan Habibi Induced Compton scattering in a laser produced plasma
P.14 Masayasu Hata Kinetic behavior of electron magnetohydrodynamic structures
P.15 Yoshiaki Hayashi Numerical simulations of laser wakefield in inhomogeneous plasmas
P.16 Naoki Higashi Heating a solid isochorically over keV temperature high energy density state by a multi-picosecond intense laser light
P.17 Peng Hu Enhancement of laser ablation with an external 9T pulsed magnetic field
P.18 Haibo Huang Pushing the limits in solar opacity target fabrication and metrology
P.19 Shogo Isayama Laser-driven ion acceleration with ultra-thin graphene target
P.20 Natsumi Iwata Formation of power law electron energy distribution by relativistic picosecond laser irradiation
P.21 Chun-Sung Jao Bell’s instability in the laboratory: preparatory investigation
P.22 Kento Katagiri Phase transitions from graphite to lonsdaleite and diamond
P.23 Daiki Kawahito Self-organizing high energy density plasma via magnetic reconnection in the laser-irradiated rod target
P.24 Michel Koenig Scaling properties of astrophysical blast waves and experimental simulations with nanosecond powerful lasers
P.25 James Koga Using relativistic mirrors for photon-photon scattering
P.26 Rajesh Kumar Numerical investigation of collisionless shock ion acceleration in different materials using EPOCH Particle-in-Cell simulations
P.27 Yasuhiro Kuramitsu Competition of magnetic reconnections driven by self-generated magnetic fields and an external magnetic field
P.28 Andy Liao A turbulent dynamo experiment on the OMEGA EP
P.29 Chang Liu Design of Zeeman spectroscopy experiment with magnetized silicon plasma generated in the laboratory
P.30 Yao-Li Liu Nonthermal relativistic electron acceleration due to laser-induced incoherent wakefields with external static magnetic fields
P.31 Paul Mabey Magnetised jets & reverse shock dynamics
P.32 Shuichi Matsukiyo Acceleration of halo electrons at a high beta low Mach number quasi-perpendicular shock
P.33 Chihiro Matsuoka Nonlinear interfacial motion in magnetohydrodynamic flows
P.34 Thibault Michel Recent investigations on radiative shocks interacting with an obstacle
P.35 Alessio Morace Tailoring beam performance with interfering intense laser beamlets
P.36 Shintaro Morioka Equation-of-state measurements for magnesium hydride up to 320 GPa shock pressure
P.37 Toseo Moritaka Small-scale magnetospheric structure formation due to laser-produced plasma jet
P.38 Kenichi Nagaoka Laboratory experiments on fluid convections in a rotating plane cell and a rotating spherical shell with radial gravity
P.39 Toyohito Nishikawa Experimental study on transport properties of molten iron alloy
P.40 Masato Ota Collisionless electrostatic shock acceleration of proton using high intensity laser LFEX
P.41 Fumiko Otsuka PIC simulation of quasi-parallel terrestrial bow shock
P.42 Norimasa Ozaki Infrared velocimetry observation of shock-compressed silicon up to 550 GPa
P.43 Alexander Pirozhkov BISER: A new tool for laboratory astrophysics
P.44 Daniel Russell The effect of advected magnetic fields in jet propagation experiments
P.45 Chang-Mo Ryu Biermann battery effects on the magnetic field amplification by KH (Kelvin-Helmholtz) and RT (Rayleigh-Taylor) instabilities
P.46 Oceane Saincir Propagation of shocks through cepheid envelopes
P.47 Takashi Shiroto On a quadratic conservative Vlasov-Maxwell scheme toward large-scale kinetic simulations
P.48 Lee Suttle The interaction of a magnetized plasma wind with strongly magnetized bodies in HEDP experiments
P.49 Naeem Tahir Planetary physics research program at facility for antiprotons and ion research at Darmstadt
P.50 Keiichi Takasugi Characteristics of hot spot radiation in the divergent gas-puff Z pinch
P.51 Taichi Takezaki Study on particle acceleration mechanism due to interaction between one-dimensional fast plasma flow and perpendicular magnetic field
P.52 Shuta Tanaka Toward experimental observations of induced Compton scattering
P.53 Sara Tomita Particle-in-Cell simulation of the Weibel mediated shocks propagating into the inhomogeneous media
P.54 Yuhei Umeda In-situ observations for the formations of chemical bonds under laser shock compression: Implications for chemical evolution of biomolecules by meteorite impacts
P.55 Ryo Yamazaki Thomson scattering measurements of the transition layer of collisionless shocks
P.56 Masahiro Yano Interaction between multi-PW class laser pulses and underdense plasmas