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OPTICS & PHOTONICS International 2021 Congress

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Recent progress in high-power laser technology extends the research field of high energy density sciences to an academic expanse, and "Laser Astrophysics" is one of the fields. "Laser Astrophysics", which combines the different fields of "astrophysics" and "power-laser engineering" with the keyword "plasma", is an interdisciplinary academic field. We recognize it is quite useful to have a conference that promotes international and interdisciplinary collaborations in scientific research using high-power lasers and overviews the present status and prospects of relevant fields. Thus, we propose to have an annual international conference for the high energy density sciences, primarily focusing on Laser Astrophysics. This conference aims to discuss a definite theme together with distinguished overseas scientists with experiences on high-power lasers, high energy density sciences, and astrophysics to encourage the number of foremost participants with related fields.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HIGH ENERGY DENSITY SCIENCES 2021 (HEDS2021) is organized to share information on high energy density sciences, Laser Astrophysics, and related technologies. The conference will be held on April 19- 21, 2021, both online and offline, with the endorsement of the Laser Society of Japan, JSPS Core-to-Core Program, in cooperation with several academic societies and associations.


HEDS2021 covers the high energy density sciences with high power lasers and its application in the following major topical fields;

A. Laser Astrophysics

Particle acceleration, Collisionless shock, Magnetic reconnection, Magnetic field turbulent, Emission and scattering of electromagnetic waves, Planetary physics, Astrophysics

B. High Energy Density Sciences

Relativistic laser-matter interactions, Non-equilibrium plasma, Magneto-hydrodynamic instability

C. Diagnostics

High-energy particle detectors, Ultra-fast imaging, Machine learning, X-ray free electron laser


Conference Chair;
  Youichi Sakawa (Osaka Univ.)
  Ryosuke Kodama(Osaka Univ.)

Steering Committee Chair;
  Takayoshi Sano (Osaka Univ.)

Steering Committee;
  Yuji Fukuda (QST)
  Yasuhiro Kuramitsu (Osaka Univ.)
  Shyuichi Matsukiyo (Kyushu Univ.)
  Taichi Morita (Kyushu Univ.)
  Shuta Tanaka (Aoyamagakuin Univ.)

International Advisory Board;
  Dimitry Batani (CELIA, France)
  Masahiro Hoshino (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
  Yasuaki Kishimoto (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
  Michel Koenig (LULI, France)
  Ravindra Kumar (Tata Inst. Fundam. Res., India)
  Yutong Li (IOP/CAS, China)
  Hye-Sook Park (LLNL, USA)
  Jyhpyng Wang iNational Central Univ., Taiwanj
  Nigel Woolsey (York Univ, UK)
  Ryo Yamazaki (Aoyamagakuin Univ., Japan)

Contact address;


The HEDS2021 takes place online and in-person at Osaka University.
      Central Terrace (3F @ Suita campus Welfare Center, Osaka University)
      No.65 building on the map

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