Core-to-Core Program, B. Asia-Africa Science Platforms
                                                                                         What is “Laser Astrophysics”?

“Laser Astrophysics”, which combines the different fields of “astrophysics” and “power laser engineering” with the keyword “plasma”, is Japan's original interdisciplinary academic field. We establish and develop “Laser Astrophysics” in Asia under the leadership of Japanese core institution, Osaka University.

For this purpose we have set up the “Asian Laser Astrophysics International Research and Education Center in the core institution with the following counterpart core institutions

    China;     Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences
    India;   Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
    Taiwan;      National Central University (NCU)

We establish a research and education network consisting of 28 institutions in 4 countries. We will compile the joint research network that has been conducted separately between the two countries so far, and establish the world's first joint research network platform for Asia to lead the world in “Laser Astrophysics”.

In Asia, “Laser Astrophysics” is rapidly developing. In order to make effective use of Asian power lasers, which have the world's most distinctive features and international competitiveness, the center will focus on the following five important themes in astrophysics and conduct research and education.

    (1)   Collisionless shock
    (2)   Magnetic reconnection
    (3)   Magnetic field turbulence
    (4)  Emission and scattering of electromagnetic waves
    (5)  Particle acceleration

These are themes that have led the world based on Japan's original proposals and have already started joint experiments in Asia. Using Asian power lasers, we will conduct experiments with parameters that can be scaled into space, and will clarify the basic processes important for astrophysics.

This center provides the opportunity and place for close interaction and discussion among researchers in the fields of laser experiment and astrophysics in various Asian countries. We establish laser experiment as the third pillar of astrophysics following observation and theory/simulation, and contribute to astrophysics.

We promote the development and exchange of young human resources and brain circulation among different fields. Furthermore, Western researchers, researchers from different fields, and young researchers from Japan and overseas will join this center in Asia.
We aim for further development of "Laser Astrophysics”.

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