December 12, 2012


Nominations are requested for the 2013 Edward Teller Medal sponsored by the American Nuclear Society. This medal is given in recognition of pioneering research and leadership in the use of lasers, ion-particle beams or other high intensity drivers to produce unique high-density matter for scientific research and to conduct investigations of inertial fusion. The Medal and a $2000 cash prize will be awarded to each of two individuals at the Eighth International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA) that will be held in Nara, Japan in September 2013.

Anyone in the inertial fusion field can nominate someone for the Award. Nominations should include a brief summary of the nominee’s accomplishments, the nominee’s curriculum vitae, a suggested citation (25 words or less), and letters of recommendation from at least one other researcher in the field from a separate institution. The letters of recommendation should cite the nominee’s key achievements relevant to the award. Supporting material such as copies of relevant published articles may be included.

The deadline for nominations for the two awards in 2013 is January 29, 2013. All material must be collected by the nominator and forwarded to the Awards Committee Chair as a complete package. Packages can be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair by a single PDF file to the Awards Committee Chair (preferred method), or by mail. The Awards Committee consisting of the prior Award winners will vote on the nominees to select the two candidates. The Awards will be presented at the IFSA conference banquet.

Further details are available from the Awards Committee Chair. Please direct nominations to:

Robert L. Kauffman, Chair, IFSA Awards Committee
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-580
Livermore CA 94550


Edward Teller Awards Committee (Prior recipients)

Stefano Atzeni, Italy; Nikolai G. Basov, Russia (deceased); Riccardo Bettii, USA; Michael Campbell, USA; Robert Dautray, France; Larry R. Foreman, USA (deceased); Christine Garban-Labaune, France; Steven W. Haan, USA; Heinrich Hora, Australia; Michael H. Key, England; Joseph D. Kilkenny, USA; Gennady A. Kirillov, Russia; John D. Lindl, USA; Robert L. McCrory, USA; Juergen Meyer-ter-Vehn, Germany; George H. Miley, USA; Kunioki Mima, Japan; Edward Moses, USA; Sadao Nakai, Japan; John H. Nuckolls, USA; Bruce A. Remington, USA; Mordecai D. Rosen, USA; Dov Shvarts, Israel; Laurance Suter, USA; Max Tabak, USA; Hideaki Takabe, Japan; Brian Thomas, England; Guillermo Velarde, Spain; Chiyoe Yamanaka,Japan; and George B. Zimmerman, USA.