Technical Program (updated on Sep 4; session chair information included)
Time Table (updated on Sep 3)
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Abstract Book No.2 [7.7MB]
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Time allocated for each presentation is as follows:

Keynote Speaker: 45 min. (include 5 min. for Q & A)
Plenary Speaerker:   30 min. (include 5 min. for Q & A)
Oral Speaker: 20 min. (include 5 min. for Q & A)

If you connect your PC to LCD projector, only analog (D-sub 15 pins) input is available. A Windows PC is ready at each session room, and PowerPoint and Acrobat reader are installed in them. Please prepare PPT or PDF files (preparing both is better in case of trouble) and copy via USB storage device. PPTX is NOT AVAILABLE. Please copy and check your data before the session. Time loss due to the compatibility will be included in your presentation time.


The poster panel size is 1800 mm (height) x 900 mm (width), and upper 100 mm will be used for indication of your poster number. The presenters are requested to stay at each poster panel during the first one hour.

Welcome Reception September 8, 17:30
Session Start September 9, 8:30
Technical Tour September 11, Afternoon
Banquet September 12, 19:00
Session End September 13, 16:40

Registration Start September 8, 15:00,
September 9-13, 8:10