来日・開催報告:拠点メンバー来日&セミナー開催(Prof. Andrea Ciardi, Sorbonne Universit)

拠点メンバーのAndrea Ciardi(アンドレア キアルディ)教授がソルボンヌ大学から来日されました。9月12日から12月8日までの約3ヶ月間、レーザー研に滞在されます。


Andrea Ciardi
Sorbonne Universite

Jets, shocks and cosmic rays: computer simulations and laboratory plasmas experiments

Plasmas generated by high power lasers offer the opportunity to study flows and matter under conditions relevant to many astrophysical environments. Recent experimental advances are now allowing to couple laser produced plasmas with externally imposed Mega-Gauss-level magnetic fields. In the first part of the talk I will present an introductory-level overview of recent and ongoing research efforts to study astrophysically relevant shocks, magnetised flows, and energetic particles in the laboratory. In the second part, I will present our recent work on the collimation of young stellar jets by a large scale magnetic field and on the cosmic rays non-resonant streaming instability.