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12/13-12/18 EMN 3CG 2015 (Hong Kong, China)




12/08-12/13 Collaborative Research at Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand)



12/02 Young faculty members from Southeast Asia in the JST "SAKURA Exchange Program in Science"


10/26-11/6 GO_UCSD PROGRAM (University of California, San Diego, UCSD)



10/04-10/10 Collaborative Research at Université Lyon 1 - Claude Bernard









09/29 Congratulations for passing grad school entrance exam! and Wecome our new secretary!


08/17 Farewell Party for Seto-san (Office Administrator)

8年間 本当にありがとうございました!


08/17 Associate Professor Carlito Ponseca (Lund Univ.) visit Sarukura Lab


05/11 The 13th Annual Meeting of The Society of Nano Science and Technology (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan)


05/01 Welcome Party for New Students, together with Norimatsu Lab

丸美171店の料理は旨い! カンパ~イ!!


04/28 Farewell Party for Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger


04/24 Welcome Party for New Students, together with Nakajima Lab




04/14 Lecture by Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger


04/03 Cherry blossom viewing party hosted by Horiike lab




04/01 Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger from Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand


03/25 Congratulations on your graduation! Mr. Arita, Mr. Hori and Mr. Mori.



03/24 Goodbye party for Hori-san, Minh-san and Marilou-san

社会に旅立つ堀達広君には清水助教から阪大ボールペン/シャーペンのセット、D3 南君から名入りボールペンが贈られました。


03/23 Lunch with Mui's Family
Luong Viet Mui of graduate student introduced his new wife (Fan Chih Ying) and his parents to everyone.
We enjoyed the Vietnamese foods his parents were prepared.


03/19 Welcome back! Mr. Takeda

ここ北千里の旬味酒家 TenTenはこの「居酒屋宴会セット」がお薦め。


03/18 1st Asia - Pacific Cultural and Scientific Exchange Symposium







03/16 Welcome back! Mr. Yoshioka


03/02 International Joint Research Promotion Program

03/02 Welcome Party for Minh-san and Marilou-san!

千里阪急ホテル カフェ&バイキング「シャガール」で、乾杯!



02/24 To completion of your graduation thesis. Cheers!


02/06 LAM Collaborative Research Workshop


02/02 Welcome Lunch for Dr. PHAM Hong Minh (Specially Appointed Associate Professor)