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2016/12/16 Farewell Party for Minh-san and Marilou-san!!



2016/12/08 Welcome Party for Minh-san and Marilou-san!! @TORIKIZOKU



2016/12/02 Luncheon with Filipino students who wish to study at Osaka University



2016/11/24 Opto 2016 Symposium on Photon and Beam Science
SENRI Life Science Centre (Suita, Osaka, Japan)

from left, B4_Kawano, M1_Watanabe, Asst. Prof. Shimizu, Dr. Pham, Dr. Empizo and Dr. Raduban



2016/11/20-23 The 5th China-Japan Crystal Growth and Technology Symposium, (Fuzhou, China)




2016/11/17 Welcome back! Dr. Pham Hong Minh and Dr. Marilou Cadatal Raduban!!




Ninh Binh City, Vietnam










2016/10/14 Congratulations for getting employment offer, passing grad school entrance exam
and Wecome new research students!



2016/08/18-21 The 34th SPP Physics Congress (University of the Philippines Visayas, Iloilo City)



2016/08/09 Open Campus


2016/08/08 ILE Beer Party !


2016/08/03 Farewell Party for CHO, WoonHee (B3, exchange student from Soul Univ.)

4か月間 ソウル大学からやってきた Cho君の有志お別れ会。 たぶん 彼にとっても阪大生にとっても、いろんな文化交流になったのだと思う。 私も勉強になりました。 (by Prof. Sarukura)



2016/06/24 Professor Elmer S. Estacio of Univeristy of the Philippines Diliman visited ILE



2016/05/23-24 The 15th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers (ICXRL2016, Nara Kasugano International Forum)



2016/05/10 Social gathering of Norimatsu lab and Sarukura lab,
and new member welcome party @MARUMI 171

2016/04/08 ILE Cherry Blossom Viewing Party!




2016/04/07 Ms. Mitsu, research student of Institute for Protein Research, Osaka-U
visit our lab. She is a daughter of Professor Sarumago, who was Melvin's supervisor
at the University of the Philippines


2016/04/06 Mr. Cho WoongHee (B3, exchange student from Soul Univ.) join our lab!
Zhong Tao, Prof. Sarukura and Cho WH from the left


2016/03/18 Mr. K. TAKEDA, who graduated in 2013, visited Osaka-U as the recruiter of 'TORAY'.


2016/02/29-03/04 7th International Symposium on Optical Materials (IS-OM7) Lyon 1 University, France


2016/02/24-02/25 Collaborative research with Institute for Material Reseach, Tohoku University


2016/02/22 LAM collaborative research seminar


2016/02/19 Farewel Banquet! @MARUMI 171

♪さりーゆくーあなたにー♪ かんぱーい!!!



2016/02/09 KUJIRAYA Curry Festival for Happy Graduation!
Minami-san and Taniguchi-san win KUJIRAYA T-shirt and towel !!


Academic Presentation in the 36th Annual Meeting of LSJ (2016/01/09-11, Meijo Univ. , Nagoya, Aichi)