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12/18 Philippine International Student Symposium 2018




12/17 Presentations and congratulatory sessions of Vietnamese short-term international students





12/17 Prof. Elmer S. Estacio of University of the Philippine (who is the OB of our lab!) visited ILE to attend the Philippine International Student Symposium



12/13 Vietnamese short-term international students and Prof. Sarmago's family in Kyoto






12/10 Professor Roland V. Sarmago from University of the Philippine visited ILE
to carry out joint research project.



11/19 Students fron the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology




The 10th International Conference on Photonics & Applications
(ICPA-10, 11-15 November 2018, Ha Long City, Vietnam)















International School on Photonics and Applications
(ISPA–2018, Nov 7 - 10, Hanoi, Vietnam)











The 6th Japan-China Symposium on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology
Senri Life Science Center, Osaka, Japan

OCT 22

from left, YOU Yong (M1), Prof. ZHANG Baoping (Xiamen U), Prof. Sarukura, LAI Youwei (M1), YU Haoze (Research Student)


OCT 23


OCT 24








09/17 Business trip to Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and ESRF



Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA



President Chau Van Minh of Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) attended Osaka Univ.
A cooperative office of ILE is established at Institute of Physics, VAST.



09/08 Welcome Party for Minh-san and Yu-san



09/05 Dr. Pham Hong Minh made a courtesy visit to ILE Director Kodama



09/03 Dr. Pham Hong Minh of VAST visit our laboratory for collaborative research



08/09 Open Canpas 2018



08/04 Retirement Party of Professor Norimatsu






Collaborative researchers from NIP, University of the Philippines visit our laboratory







06/03-06/10 Visit the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman
Participate in the the 36th SPP International Physics Conference

グリーンマンゴー と レチョン!




これがレチョンです。旨そう!  虫??  そして虫を食べる河野くん (^^;




Empizo特任助教の招待講演    D1 Agultoさんの口頭発表  南研究員のポスター発表


M1 来さんとM2 河野くんもポスター発表






大阪大学 公式マスコットキャラクター ワニ博士のご親戚とスキンシップ










05/28 Assoc. Prof. Jakrapong Kaewkhao of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat Univ. (Thailand)
visited ILE for a joint research meeting




05/21-22 Visit Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
(左) OBの有田廉さんも仙台に来ていました  (中) 400TON 鋼塊  (右) 本田光太郎先生像

(中) 東北大・宇田先生と打ち合わせ  (左) OB1参加で17人 最大規模の打ち合わせ出張。




05/17 New students welcome party (Ishinden Kitasenri)
新規加入メンバー、博士前期課程 黒田虹輝くん、学部4年 篠原敬人くん、ようこそ猿倉研へ!




04/25-04/27 LSC2018 (Pacifco Yokohama, Japan)










04/20 Welcome back, Raduban family !!




04/02 President Vea and Director Senoro from Mapua University, Philippines,
visited ILE and signed an academic exchange agreement





03/27-03/29 Visit National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines
and make a consultation on collaborative research





03/23 Farewell dinner for fellows who completed the master's program (Senri Hankyu Hotel)






03/22 Mr. Atsushi Shiro, Mr. Takaya Taniguchi, Mr. Jun Watanabe completed master's course,
Ms. Lai, YouWei graduated from undergraduate.
She received the Kusumoto Prize for excellent graduates (principal graduates of each undergraduate).






03/20 Visit the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and conclude the agreement on establishing the joint laboratory between Institute of Physics, VAST and ILE, Osaka university