●2016 Nov. 4 Special lecture of "Terahertz Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics"

Special lecture of "Terahertz Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics" by Prof. Junichiro Kono (Rice University, Guest Professor of Osaka University) will be held on November 4.
We welcome anybody who is interested in this topic.


Date: November 4
Time: 16:20 - 17:50 (The 5th period)
Room: E1-215
Language: English

Speaker: Prof. Junichiro Kono (Rice Uniersity (Guest Professor of Osaka Univ.))

Title: Terahertz Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Nonperturbative coupling of light with condensed matter in an optical cavity is expected to reveal a host of coherent many-body phenomena and states. In addition, strong coherent light-matter interaction in a solid-state environment is of great interest to emerging quantum-based technologies. However, creating a system that combines a long electronic coherence time, a large dipole moment, and a high cavity quality (Q) factor has been a challenging goal. After reviewing previous studies on cavity quantum electrodynamics in solids, this talk will describe our recent observation of collective ultrastrong light-matter coupling in an ultrahigh-mobility two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a high-Q terahertz photonic-crystal cavity in a quantizing magnetic field, demonstrating a cooperativity of 360 [1].

[1] Q. Zhang, M. Lou, X. Li, J. L. Reno, W. Pan, J. D. Watson, M. J. Manfra, and J. Kono, “Collective Non-perturbative Coupling of 2D Electrons with High-Quality-Factor Terahertz Cavity Photons,” Nature Physics, published online on August 22, 2016. See also arXiv:1604.08297.