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Application of Collaborative Research

Application of Collaborative Research for 2019

Please select “research field“, then select “research method” below.
The application forms are at the bottom of this page.
The deadline is January 7, 2019.

Research proposal for the inertial confinement fusion program must be submitted for the Bilateral Collaboration Research program of The National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) thorough the web site (

Commercial utilization of the laser facilities has been started. Additional beamtimes of the GEKKO-XII and LFEX are available not only for the private companies but also for the academic community. The revenue from this activity is channelled back into the facility development and to increase variation of the shooting menu for the benefit of the scientific community as a whole. Please first contact to the host scientist, if you would like further details of applications related to commercial beamtime.

FY2019 Schedule Summary(Tentative)

STEP 1  Research Field

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  1. High Energy Density Science
    ・ Laser Astrophysics
    ・ High Pressure / Laser Earth & Planetary Science
    ・ High Magnetic Field Science
    ・ Quantum Beam Science
    ・ Plasma Science
  2. Laser Science and Optics
    ・ Terahertz Science
    ・ Power Laser Science
    ・ Laser & Optical Material
  3. Initiative
    ・ Physical Informatics
  4. General Subjects

STEP 2  Research Method

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(A) Collaborative Research using the Large Laser Facility –Gekko XII and LFEX
(B-1) Collaborative Research using medium size Lasers and computer code
(B-2) Individual Collaborative Research
(C) Workshop related to High Energy Density Physics

Application Forms

  • The deadline is January 7, 2019
  • Please submit the proposal document and the member list via Web site below by the deadline

Collaborative Research Application System

  • Please let your Host Researcher of ILE fill in the last page of the proposal document
    “Comment on the research from Host Scientist of ILE”.
  • Please convert the format of the proposal document from MS-Word to PDF(20MB), before you submit the document.
  • Please write your ILE-ID in the member list if you have it.
  • WARNING!We don’t accept any application documents via e-mail.
  • As for A subject, we decided to abolish the payment of research funds, except for traveling expenses. (Basically once for one subject only)
  • Proposals are reviewed by the Collaborative Research Technical Committee. For proposals submitted as a Collaborative Research for Planned Subject, matching of the proposal to the strategy of the planned subject is also taken into account. Acceptance rate of the A proposals is decided to allocate sufficient facility time for the adopted proposals.
  • Please contact, for further details.

Research proposal related to the inertial confinement fusion is expected to be applied for the collaborative research for the Laser Fusion Program. The deadline is January 7, 2019.


A B1・B2 C