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This is the Osaka University Institute of Laser Engineering TAIZAN-KAI page.

We have created the TAIZAN-KAI website for ILE OB/OG. In the future, we will use this page to contact and send information to the graduates.

The 40th founding anniversary of ILE was successfully held on March 4, 2013 (Monday) with the participation of 180 guests.

Initially, we have wanted to convey this information to everyone, but we are sorry that the system was inadequate and we could not send it to as many people.

In order to prevent such things happening again in the future, we have set up a window to contact you, especially if you have changed your contact information, etc. Please make use of it.

For details, please refer to “Request for confirmation of roster information” below.

To ILE OB (Request for confirmation of roster information)

To those who have changed address, telephone number, work place, etc. please send us your contact details as below.
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◆Please let us know only the information you can provide.

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