Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Faculty staff list

Position Name Photo Research field / key word Link
Director / Professor Ryosuke Kodama Plasma science, optical science, high energy density science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Deputy Director / Professor Hiroyuki Shiraga Laser fusion, plasma diagnosis, laser application GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Deputy Director / Professor Kazuhisa Yamamoto Optoelectronics, laser system engineering GroupHPresearchmap
Head of High Energy Density Sciences Division/ Professor Mitsuo Nakai Plasma physics, laser fusion, plasma diagnosis GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor Masayoshi Tonouchi Terahertz wave engineering, atomic layer electronics, strong correlation photonics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor Masakatsu Murakami Laser fusion physics, laser and ion acceleration physics, nonlinear science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of Laser Fusion Sciences Division/ Professor Nobuhiko Sarukura Radiation measurement, optical materials, laser engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor Junji Kawanaka Laser engineering, spectroscopy GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of Theory and Computational Sciences Division / Professor Yasuhiko Sentoku High energy density science, plasma physics, radiation physics, simulation GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor Keisuke Shigemori High Energy Density Science, Laser Earth and Planetary Science, Laser Plasma Physics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of Photon Beam Science Division / Professor Masashi Yoshimura Nonlinear optics, crystal engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant Director / Professor Shinsuke Fujioka Laser plasma application, laser fusion energy, laser astrophysics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Hironaru Murakami Superconductivity, terahertz, microscope GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Youichi Sakawa Plasma science and engineering, Plasma astrophysics, High energy density science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Yoshiki Nakata Ultra high intensity laser development, ultrashort pulse laser processing, plasmonics · nanotechnology GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Hideo Nagatomo Laser fusion, computational physics, numerical fluid dynamics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Akifumi Yogo High intensity laser-matter interaction, laser particle acceleration GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Iwao Kawayama Terahertz engineering, electronic / optical-electrical functional material, superconducting photonics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Makoto Nakajima Terahertz wave engineering, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, optical properties GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor Kana Fujioka Optical material GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Lecturer Yasunobu Arikawa Laser fusion, neutron measurement, gamma ray measurement GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Lecturer Shigeki Tokita Laser engineering, plasma science and engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Lecturer Natsumi Iwata Plasma physics, high intensity laser-matter interaction, high energy density science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Koji Tsubakimoto High average power laser, nonlinear optics, laser control GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Takayoshi Sano Plasma physics, numerical fluid dynamics, laser astrophysics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Toshihiko Shimizu Laser engineering, short wavelength material, solid optical properties GroupHPResearcherID
Assistant professor Kouhei Yamanoi Laser fusion target, optical material / element, furnace engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor MORACE ALESSIO Generation and control of energetic ion beams、Collisionless shock generation with ultra-intense lasers、Proton Fast Ignition GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Li Zhaoyang Ultrafast ultrahigh laser, laser control and nonlinear optics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap

Other faculty members and researchers are currently being updated

Position Name Link
Technical expert Tetsuji Kawasaki GroupHP
Technical expert Noboru Morio GroupHP
Technical professional staff Masaki Saito
Technical professional staff Kazuhisa Hashimoto GroupHP
Technical professional staff Hiroyuki Oku GroupHP
Technical staff Keisuke Takahashi GroupHP
Technical staff Masaaki Sakamoto GroupHP
Employee technical staff Hidetsugu Yoshida GroupHP
Special case commissioned technical staff Osamu Maegawa GroupHP
Special case commissioned technical staff Kiyonobu Sawai GroupHP
manager Hisao Nishioka
General Affairs Section Head Keita Maruyama
General Affairs Section Chief Michiko Yamada
General Affairs Section staff Mami Naka
Accounting Section Head Isamu Ishida
Accounting Section staff Yuko Nakagawa
Accounting Section staff Seungmo Jung