Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Member List

Last modified April. 1, 2019

Academic Staff

Job title Name Photo Research field / key word Link
Director / Distinguished Professor KODAMA Ryosuke Plasma science, optical science, high energy density science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Vice Director / Professor FUJIOKA Shinsuke Laser plasma application, laser fusion energy, laser astrophysics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Vice Director /Head of Photon Beam Science Division / Professor YOSHIMURA Masashi Nonlinear optics, crystal engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor KAWANAKA Junji  Laser engineering, spectroscopy GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of Laser Fusion Sciences Division/ Professor SARUKURA Nobuhiko  Radiation measurement, optical materials, laser engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant Director/ Professor SHIGEMORI Keisuke  High Energy Density Science, Laser Earth and Planetary Science, Laser Plasma Physics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor SHIRAGA Hiroyuki  Laser fusion, plasma diagnosis, laser application GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of Theory and Computational Sciences Division / Professor SENTOKU Yasuhiko  High energy density science, plasma physics, radiation physics, simulation GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor TONOUCHI Masayoshi  Terahertz wave engineering, atomic layer electronics, strong correlation photonics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Head of High Energy Density Sciences Division/ Professor NAKAI Mitsuo Plasma physics, laser fusion, plasma diagnosis GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor MURAKAMI Masakatsu  Laser fusion physics, laser and ion acceleration physics, nonlinear science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Professor YAMAMOTO Kazuhisa  Optoelectronics, laser system engineering GroupHPresearchmap
Associate professor SAKAWA Youichi Plasma science and engineering, Plasma astrophysics, High energy density science GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor SHIMIZU Toshihiko Laser engineering, short wavelength material, solid optical properties GroupHPResearcherID
Associate professor NAKAJIMA Makoto Terahertz wave engineering, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, optical properties GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor NAKATA Yoshiki Ultra high intensity laser development, ultrashort pulse laser processing, plasmonics · nanotechnology GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor NAGATOMO Hideo Laser fusion, computational physics, numerical fluid dynamics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor FUJIOKA Kana Optical material GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor MURAKAMI Hironaru Superconductivity, terahertz, microscope GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Associate professor YOGO Akifumi High intensity laser-matter interaction, laser particle acceleration GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Lecturer ARIKAWA Yasunobu Laser fusion, neutron measurement, gamma ray measurement GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Lecturer TOKITA Shigeki Laser engineering, plasma science and engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor SANO Takayoshi Plasma physics, numerical fluid dynamics, laser astrophysics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor TSUBAKIMOTO Koji High average power laser, nonlinear optics, laser control GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor YAMANOI Kouhei Laser fusion target, optical material / element, furnace engineering GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Molace Alessio Generation and control of energetic ion beams、Collisionless shock generation with ultra-intense lasers、Proton Fast Ignition GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Assistant professor Li Zhaoyang Ultrafast ultrahigh laser, laser control and nonlinear optics GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap

Specially Appointed Professor

Job title Name Photo Link
Specially Appointed Professor ISHINO Masato GroupHP
Specially Appointed Professor UEDA Kennichi NO IMAGE GroupHP
Specially Appointed Professor KITAGISHI Keiko GroupHP
Specially Appointed Professor JITSUNO Takahisa GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Specially Appointed Professor TAKAMORI Akira GroupHP
Specially Appointed Professor/Professor Emeritus NISHIMURA Hiroaki GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Specially Appointed Professor/Professor Emeritus NORIMATSU Takayoshi GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Specially Appointed Associate Professor HIRONAKA Yoichiro GroupHP
Specially Appointed Associate Professor IWATA Natsumi GroupHPResearcherIDresearchmap
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Kim Mi Seon GroupHP
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor OGINO Jumpei GroupHPresearchmap
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor KITAJIMA Shotaro GroupHP
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor SHIBATA Kazunori GroupHP
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor SERITA Kazunori GroupHP
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor TANAKA Nozomi GroupHP
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Empizo Melvin John GroupHPResearcherID
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Gabayno JacqueLynn GroupHPResearcherID
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Mirfayzi SeyedReza NO IMAGE GroupHPresearchmap

Faculty with concurrent posts

Job title Name Departments
Professor KATAYAMA Ryuji Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
Professor KURAMITSU Yasuhiro Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
Distinguished Professor KODAMA Ryosuke Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
Professor SHIMIZU Katsuya Graduate School of Engineering Science, Center for Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions
Professor HOSOKAI Tomonao The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Division of Advanced Materials and Beam Science
Professor MATSUSHITA Yasuyuki Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Multimedia Engineering
Professor MORI Yusuke Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
Associate Professor OZAKI Norimasa Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
Associate Professor HABARA Hideaki Graduate School of Engineering, the Division of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering

Visiting Academic Staff

Job title Name
Guest Professor/Professor Emeritus AZECHI Hiroshi
Guest Professor ISHIKAWA Kennichi
Guest Professor IRIFUNE Tetsuo
Guest Professor KIKUCHI Mitsuru
Guest Professor KINOSHITA Junichi
Guest Professor KUBO Minoru
Guest Professor KURODA Kazuo
Guest Professor KONO  Junichiro
Guest Professor KOBAYASHI Yohei
Guest Professor SAKAGAMI Hitoshi
Guest Professor SASAKI Akira
Guest Professor SHIMADA Yoshinori
Guest Professor SUEMOTO Toru
Guest Professor TAKAGI Takeshi
Guest Professor TANI Masahiko
Guest Professor/Professor Emeritus NISHIHARA Katsunobu
Guest Professor HARUNA Masamitsu
Guest Professor FUKUDA Yuji
Guest Professor FUJITA Masayuki
Guest Professor FUJIMOTO Yasushi
Guest Professor FURUKAWA Yasunori
Guest Professor HOSHINO Masahiro
Guest Professor MIURA Eisuke
Guest Professor/Professor Emeritus MIMA Kunioki
Guest Professor/Professor Emeritus MIYANAGA Noriaki
Guest Professor MURATA Hiroshi
Guest Professor MOTOKOSHI Shinji
Guest Professor YAMAZAKI Ryo
Guest Professor Arnel A. Salvador
Guest Professor Elmer S. Estacio
Guest Professor Hyun-Kyung Chung
Guest Professor Nguyen Dai Hung
Guest Professor Roland V. Sarmago
Guest Professor Sergey BULANOV
Guest Professor Shalom ELIEZER
Guest Professor Wilson O. Garcia
Guest Associate Professor IWAMOTO Akifumioto
Guest Associate professor KAWAYAMA Iwao
Guest Associate Professor JOZAKI Tomoyuki
Guest Associate Professor SUEDA Keiichi
Guest Associate Professor SUNAHARA Atsushi
Guest Associate Professor SOMEKAWA Tomohiro
Guest Associate Professor TANIGUCHI Masaharu
Guest Associate Professor MURATA Takahiro
Guest Associate Professor Khosrovian Gaik
Guest Associate Professor Marilou Cadatal Raduban
Guest Associate Professor Pham Hong Minh
Guest Associate Professor Su-Ming WENG

Professor Emeritus

Job title Name
Professor Emeritus/Guest  Professor AZECHI Hiroshi
Professor Emeritus IZAWA Yasukazu
Professor Emeritus KATO Yoshiaki
Professor Emeritus TAKABE Hideaki
Professor Emeritus TSUJI Kiichiro
Professor Emeritus NAKAI Sadao
Professor Emeritus NAKATSUKA Masahiro
Professor Emeritus/Guest Professor NISHIHARA Katsunobu
Professor Emeritus/Specially Appointed Professor NISHIMURA Hiroaki
Professor Emeritus/Specially Appointed Professor NORIMATSU Takayoshi
Professor Emeritus/Guest Professor MIMA Kunioki
Professor Emeritus/Guest Professor MIYANAGA Noriaki


Job title Name
Specially Appointed Researcher ABE Yuki
Specially Appointed Researcher TAKAZAWA Hideo
Specially Appointed Researcher TAKAHASHI Yoshinori
Specially Appointed Researcher FUJI Hiroshi
Specially Appointed Researcher MURAI Ryota
Specially Appointed Researcher YOSHIDA Kunio
Specially Appointed Researcher Bagsican FilchitoRenee Goc-ong
Specially Appointed Researcher Luong Mui Viet
Specially Appointed Researcher OCHI Keizo
Specially Appointed Researcher UMEDA Yuhei
Specially Appointed Researcher Zhu Baojun
Specially Appointed Researcher (Co-Creation Bureau) MINAMI Yuki
The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(PD) HATA Masayasu

Tecnical staff/Administrative Staff

Job title Name
Senior Technical Specialist KAWASAKI Tetsuji
Senior Technical Specialist MORIO Noboru
Technical Specialist OKU Hiroyuki
Technical Specialist SAITO Masaki
Technical Specialist HASHIMOTO Kazuhisa
Technical staff SAKAMOTO Masaaki
Technical staff TAKAHASHI Keisuke
Specialist Appointment Technical Staff YOSHIDA Hidetsugu
Technical Assistant OTA Kengo
Technical Assistant KAIYA Mikiko
Technical Assistant KITAURA Katsuya
Technical Assistant MATSUMOTO Keiko
Technical Assistant TAKAGI Kosuke
Special case commissioned technical staff SAWAI Kiyonobu
Special case commissioned technical staff MAEGAWA Osamu
Specially Appointed Administrative Staff KAEDE Saori
Specially Appointed Administrative Staff KURISU Mami
Specially Appointed Administrative Staff TATSUMI Fumi
Specially Appointed Administrative Staff NAGAHATA Natsuko

Administrative Staff

Job title Name
Office Head ODA Masahiro
General Affairs Section Head TANAKA Chie
General Affairs Section Chief YAMADA Michiko
Accounting Section Head ISHIDA Isamu
Accounting Section staff TERASAKA Sayuri
Accounting Section staff NAKAGAWA Yuko