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Implementation Guideline

Collaborative Research program 2018:

  1. Collaborative Research program 2018 is scheduled to be accomplished by 28thFebruary,2019.
  2. Researchers who plan to conduct experiments or take part in researches (including offering or attending workshops) at the Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE) Osaka University are required to submit Travel Expenses Application Form” (*Form 1) via Collaborative Research Application System:, 2 weeks prior to your visit. Please kindly note that ILE will not issue any formal invitation letter. It is your responsibility to inform, and arrange necessary procedure to your affiliation.
  3. Whenever there are any changes to your itinerary, please promptly contact the host researcher of ILE to notify him or her of your revised plans.
  4. Researchers who plan to conduct experiments or take part in researches at ILE are required to have knowledge of safety by attending lecture at their affiliation.
  5. All representatives of Collaborative Research program, Type (A1) and (B1) must submit an “Agreement Form regarding Joint Experiment and Research” (*Form 3)to the host researcher of ILE before starting their experiments.
  6. The research fund at Collaborative Research program could be used to purchase general supplies and materials, and to cover domestic travel expenses from your affiliation to ILE, with the exception of attendees Types (A1), (A2) and(C), who the funds could be used to pay for domestic travel expenses only.
  7. You must follow these guidelines of “Commodity Purchase” and “Domestic Travel” in order to use the research fund.
    Please pay attention to any DEADLINES or you may not be able to make full use of the research funds made available to you.
  8. Any workshop must be held at ILE, under the auspices of Collaborative Research program at Institute of Laser Engineering Osaka University”.

Commodity Purchase

  1. The research expense must be spent to purchase goods that are necessary directly for the research. It is prohibited to purchase PC, tablet computer, writing materials and furniture by the expenses.
  2. The host researcher has the responsibility for use of the expense.
  3. The delivery date and the tax-included price of the purchased goods must be written clearly in the invoice. The principal investigator (PI) must sign on the invoice after receiving the goods. The PI must submit the invoice to the host scientist before 5th of the next month. In the case that the goods are delivered to the other than Osaka University, the PI must attach photographs with the invoice. The photograph will be used to confirm the goods themselves and their quantities by the accounting department of Osaka University. The photograph can be omitted if the delivery of the goods has been confirmed by a third party. In this case, the party’s signature (or seal) and the confirmation date must be on the invoice.
  4. The following goods will be managed by Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE) as assets of Osaka University; camera, video, recorder and the goods, whose tax-included price and durable time are more than 100,000 JPY and more than one year.
  5. The PI is allowed to use the expense till 14th February, 2019. The PI must submit all required documents till 22nd February, 2019.
  6. If there are deficiencies in the submitted documents, the purchase may not be paid by the expense.

Domestic Travel

  1. Researchers (except students) are allowed to use the research fund for domestic travel to ILE Osaka University.
  2. The research fund could not be used for any international travel, except as approved by a counsel in type (A2).
  3. Submit “Report of the buisiness trip”(*Form 4)to Collaborative Research program Office via email:
  4. Researchers who are first time visit to ILE, and would like to claim travel expense must submit “Application for payment” (*Form 5) via email : there is any change to your contact information and/or bank account, please re-submit “Application for payment form ” (*Form 5).
  5. When you make a claim for domestic travel expenses, please submit “Travel expenses application form” (*Form 1)and submit by 25th January, 2019.

Use of computer network

  1. The ILE offers three different kinds of networks.
    Please follow this link:


  1. If you would like to take advantage of Osaka University campus accommodations, please notify the host researcher of your itinerary and plans.
  2. If you are planning to stay outside of the Osaka University campus, it is your responsibility or the responsibility of the host researcher to book your accommodations.
  3. Following accommodations are available;

Application to add a new member

Please apply via Collaborative Research Application System: to add a new member in the middle of the fiscal year.


Safety manual written in English is not prepared now.
Please ask your liaison scientists to give safety lecture on the site.

For submitting papers(*Form 2~3), please contact the host researcher or Collaborative Research program office ( since these forms are only in Japanese. Form 2~3 in English version are now being prepared.