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Position Openings (Application Deadline: 15th January 2023) Associate Professor
News The application for FY2023 collaboration research has started.
Position Openings (Application Deadline: 30th November 2022) Professor
News The application of collaboration research for FY2022(2nd Term) has started.
Position Openings (This Job Openings has ended:Part-time Staff Openings) Specially-Appointed Researcher
News The 16th Osaka University Kondo Prize has been decided.
Position Openings (Application Deadline: 31st July, 2022) Associate Professor
Position Openings (Application Deadline: 15th May, 2022) Professor
Position Openings Job Opening for an Assistant Professor (Deadline : No later than Tuesday, March 8, 2022)
News Press Release “Instant Turn-over of Magnetism by Gyro Motion of Relativistic Electrons”