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OPTO Symposium on Photon and Beam Science

OPTO2021 Symposium on Photon and Beam Science

Every year, we have held the Joint Symposium on Optical and Quantum Beam Science to report the results of our joint research in collaboration with QST Kansai Photon Science Institute (KPSI).However, under the world wide efforts on COVID-19, we will hold this year’s meeting Online/Onsite hybrid.

We hope that many of you will participate in this meeting and have a fruitful discussion. We hope you will join us for this event.


Date: Tuesday, 22th June, 2021, 13:00~18:10

Please register from the link by noon on 1 June, then the zoom link will be sent to you.

Registration Form for “OPTO2021 Symposium on Photon and Beam Science”

*You can enter and leave freely.

*Click here for the program of the day (updated: June 21)

*Click here for the poster program  (updated: June 14)

Regarding the Annual Report (poster presentation)

Poster presentations will be held by using Slack app. in which presenters and visitors can discuss for a week.

Poster format, file size

PDF file of 10MB or less (can be 1 page or multiple pages)

Free format( Poster/Slide show both are acceptable)

*You can apply for the Best Poster Award if the age of the presenter applies.

Submission deadline

June 14, 13:00

Judging the best poster Award

The Judging will be conducted before the symposium and the winner will be decided the day before.
The winner will be asked to give a greeting for about 1 minute on the day.


Please contact the Joint Research Promotion Office for further questions.