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Policies for Logo Usage and Acknowledgments

Usage of ILE Logo

When using the Institute of Laser Engineering logo in presentations or reports, please use the logo according to the guidelines.

The use of the ILE logo conforms to the rules concerning the use of name and logos of Osaka University.


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Acknowledgment Guideline

The acknowledgment of support is requested upon the publication and presentation results from ILE collaborative research activities.
Examples of acknowledgments are as follows:

1. ILE Collaborative Research

1.1. This work was supported by the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University through Joint Research Project No. “xxx”.
1.2. This research was partially supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture (MEXT) Special Education and Research Expenses for ‘xxxx’ and Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) for ‘xxxx (Grant No. xxxxx)’ and by the joint research project of the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University (under contract subject “xxx”).

2. Power Laser DX

If the project uses large laser facilities such as (1) in Method A during and after FY2022, (2) the VPN system, or (3) the Power Laser DX consultation service, the “MEXT Project for Promoting Public Utilization of Advanced Research Infrastructure (Program for Advanced Research Equipment Platforms)” should be mentioned.
Please refer to the web page for the details and examples of acknowledgments.

3. Technical support in large laser facility experiments

3.1. The authors would like to acknowledge the technical support by the ILE staff for laser operation, target fabrication, and plasma diagnostics.
3.2. We are deeply grateful to the ILE staff for their exceptional support during these experiments.

4. Acknowledgments to collaborators, shot managers, and collaborators who are not co-authors

4.1. We also acknowledge xxx of xxx University and xxx of the xxxx Agency, as well as their colleagues, for valuable discussions of xxx.
4.2. We thank xxx for his/her valuable efforts to manage our laser shots.
4.3. We thank xxx for providing us with their xxx data and xxx for useful discussions.