Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Innovative High Power Laser Project

Project summary

Innovative high power laser system, which combines the high laser power performance of both high pulse energy and high repetition rate with the advanced information and communication technology (ICT), has been developed for basic science and new medical and industrial fields. The project has been supported by Japan Science and Technology (JST) agency.

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Object of project and significance

High pulse energy of the developed single-shot high power laser produces ultimate condition in density, temperature, pressure and so on, and has been often used in the basic science. The obtained knowledge shows various kinds of application candidates in the advanced medical and industrial fields such as cancer therapy and non-destructive inspection by using high energy quantum beam generated with high power laser, new material production under super-high pressure, space debris remove with direct laser irradiation and so on. The repeatable innovative laser system with ICT will lead such application fields to open a prosperous future.


Outline of Plan

J-EPoCH, which stands for Japan Establishment for a Power-laser Cummunity Harvest, has been proposed for exploring the advanced science, medical and industrial fields. The innovative high power laser is developed as a core facility of J-EPoCH in the project. Two significant thermal issues of high heat removal and thermal distribution suppression in optics should be resolved to realize the laser system, in addition to an optically induced damage issue with high pulse energy. Creating a new concept and an idea in basic optics technology of optics material and coating, and system configuration, making them practicable, and combining them with the available excellent power laser technology and the smart technology of AI and IoT make the innovative high power laser system become real.



Various new basic technologies and techniques of laser ceramic and composite ceramic, control of saturation fluence of laser material with temperature, high strength bonding and beam combining have been successfully developed. The high power laser system has started using these technologies and techniques.

Ceramics and composite ceramic

Control of saturation fluence of laser material

High-strength bonding insensitive to temperature

Beam combining