Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Power Laser Laboratory

In order to accelerate the search for basic science including high energy density science and the development of advanced medicine and industry, the power to realize a laser with a high pulse energy of more than 100 J by a repetitive operation of 100 Hz or more, which is five orders of magnitude higher than before. We develop the innovative power laser and apply it to applied research.

Senju-Lite: 10 J / 100 Hz / ns, trial start in 2020

Senju: 100 J / 100 Hz / ns, scheduled to be completed in 2021



The Senju laser is an innovative power laser. Using this as an excitation source for titanium sapphire and OPCPA, we will proceed with the development of a petawatt-class ultra-high intensity femtosecond laser operating at 100 Hz.

For inquiries regarding Senju lasers and power lasers, please contact the person in charge below.

KAWANAKA Junji (Professor)
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