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Greetings “Looking forward, at the beginning of the TAIZAN-KAI”

Sadao Nakai, Chairman of the TAIZAN-KAI (Professor Emeritus)

(Chairman when he was Director of the Institute of Laser Engineering)

Although one’s training lasts a lifetime, the alma mater where one spent one’s academic years is the port of departure and home for the voyage of the rest of one’s life. The sweat and tears of youth shed there will become nostalgic memories that will give you strength for the rest of your life.

The Yamanaka Laboratory was established in 1963 in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Osaka University, and for 50 or 60 years, young people attracted by the slogan of the 38-year-old up-and-coming professor, Chiyoe Yamanaka, “Laboratory of the World, Laboratory for the World,” have been working diligently, pouring their youthful enthusiasm into the laboratory. Literally, the Institute has grown into the Institute of Laser Engineering as “a world-class research institute, a research institute that contributes to the world.

The Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE, Laser Engineering Research Facility, Faculty of Engineering) was established in 1972, the 10th anniversary of the Yamanaka Laboratory. Only four years later, the Institute of Laser Engineering (Center for Laser Fusion Research, Attached Institutes of Osaka University) was established. Since then, as research results on laser fusion were obtained, experimental and research buildings were expanded one after another. The culmination of these efforts was the completion in 1983 of the world’s most powerful glass laser at the time, the “GekkoⅫ,” and the Inertial Fusion Experimental Building that housed it. As a result, world records in laser fusion research were broken one after another.

It was around this time that the development of facilities, Professor Yamanaka, who was seeking human resources not only in Japan but also in the world, wanted to develop the individuality of each researcher, to realize a fulfilling life, and to build a large mountain (Taizan) for laser fusion research. He also wanted to create a circle of people called “Taizankai” throughout the ILE. We enjoyed fun events organized by the TAIZAN-KAI, such as cherry blossom viewing in spring, autumn leaf viewing in fall, and farewell parties for graduate students. Although this is a bond of youth that was formed some time ago, it is natural that the official founding year of the TAIZAN-KAI is considered in 1972 (Showa 47), the same year when ILE was established.

In the 50 years since its establishment, 60 years if Yamanaka Lab is included, ILE has produced a large number of people active in various fields; according to the tally at the 40th anniversary, 10 years ago, ILE produced 1053 bachelor’s degrees, 795 master’s degrees, and 220 doctoral degrees. With the addition of members who have left the ILE over the past decade, the ILE has literally become a “laboratory for the world” that contributes to the world. We hope that the current members who are working hard day and night at ILE, the alumni and alumnae who devoted the passion of their youth in the past, and those who support their activities will be able to lead fulfilling lives in the human bond called “TAIZAN-KAI”.


The Purpose of the Alumni Association

The Taizankai of the Institute of Laser Engineering at Osaka University is an alumni association of all current and former members of the Institute of Laser Engineering.
It was established when the Institute’s predecessor, the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, was founded, and has been active with the Institute, first as a friendship within the Institute and later as an alumni association that includes alumni, while deepening member exchange.

The Institute will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022, counting from its establishment in 1972, and will implement the “Laser Science Society NEXT50” project for the next 50 years. As an organization that supports and cooperates with these efforts, we will continue to expand our activities.

We hope you will join us in our various TAIZAN-KAI activities.

TAIZAN-KAI Secretary General Yasunori Yamamoto (Shimadzu Corporation)
General Secretary Hiroyuki Shiraga (Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University)


Request for confirmation of membership list information

If your contact information is not registered, or if there are any changes in your address, telephone number, or place of employment, please contact the TAIZAN-KAI Secretariat.

Privacy Policy of the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University

Taizankai Secretariat

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(The TAIZAN-KAI is an alumni association of all current and former members of the Institute of Laser Engineering, and a member of the Osaka University Alumni Association.)