Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Project Initiative

Laser virus buster



We are researching a high-performance laser scanning system that enables dry disinfection by performing remote scanning with an ultraviolet laser for viruses released outside the body.
We are developing core technology for virus (spray) laser detection technology, compact ultraviolet laser, scanning system and LiDAR.

Laser Astrophysics

Youichi SAKAWA


By attaining high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-energy-density states using high-power lasers in the laboratories, we aim at deepening the understanding and promoting the development of Astro/Plasma Physics, such as collisionless shocks, magnetic reconnection, plasma instabilities, turbulence, and particle acceleration and Planetary/Warm Dense Matter Science, the latter focusing in particular on the elucidation of internal structures and the formation processes of planets. Our research is mainly conducted through international collaborations using high-power laser systems in Japan, USA, UK, France, China, Taiwan, India, etc.

Fig.1 The main research topics of Laser Astrophysics.

Magnetized high-energy-density plasma sciences

Shinsuke FUJIOKA


We will study magnetized high-energy-density plasma sciences by using the laser-produced strong magnetic field. This research topic covers the broad field of plasma science from inertial confinement fusion to laboratory astrophysics. Laser-produced strong magnetic field has already been applied to several high-energy-density plasma experiments, this is expected to apply other researches. We will collaborate internationally to broaden this research.

Fig.1 International collaboration for magnetized high-energy-density sciences.