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Words from students and alumni

Words from students and alumni

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Words from current students

I was interested in fusion energy from high school, so I applied to join the Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE). I am currently researching fabrication methods of fusion fuel targets. ILE is equipped with various facilities in addition to its large-scale lasers, and a wide range of research is conducted even within the institute. Communicating with people in other fields not only broadens ones perspectives, but also provides research insights. Join us at ILE and enjoy working in a creative research environment.
ILE has some of the finest equipment in Japan and a wonderful environment for carrying out research. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to present and discuss your current research with researchers from other universities around the world with whom you normally would not interact. You can enjoy interacting with other researchers in an environment that is different from that of academic conferences. The Institute offers stimulating research and interaction opportunities not available at other research institutions.
I joined ILE because of my interest in terahertz electromagnetic waves, or the so-called “unexplored electromagnetic waves,” which have an almost unlimited range of potential industrial applications. ILE not only has an extensive range of research equipment, but also an international, high-level research environment that attracts top-class laser researchers from around the world. My dream is to take full advantage of this environment to improve my skills as a researcher and to contribute to society through my future research and development activities.
ILE brings together the finest minds in various fields. These researchers work vigorously to achieve laser fusion. At the Institute, you can feel inspired by the passion these minds emanate. As a student and member of the Institute, I feel a sense of satisfaction in contributing to the realization of laser fusion. The Institute also presents me with opportunities to interact with many other researchers from various research departments, providing me with a highly stimulating and rich research life.
When I learned about lasers in my university classes, I was impressed by their potential and decided to join ILE in order to learn more about them. At ILE, you can conduct various experiments with various lasers and instruments that you ordinarily would not have access to, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about lasers, which I am certain will further deepen your interest in lasers.

Come study lasers at ILE!!

My dream was to contribute to nuclear fusion related research, which is almost impossible in my hometown, Hong Kong. Even in the whole world, ILE is one of the few places that students could do their own research of inertial confinement fusion. It is very exciting to get such an opportunity to make our best efforts, walking step by step towards the ultimate goal: generating energy from nuclear fusion. Experiments in such a “big science” are full of surprises and always interesting. I can be sure that no one will be bored of it.
ILE is equipped with various world-class, cutting-edge research equipment, of which the most notable are the various lasers, large and small. Researchers can use these to actively engage in research activities. It is a stimulating environment that presents opportunities to talk with people at the forefront of various fields, such as professors, researchers, and technicians from around the world. My research concerns the applications of extreme ultraviolet light, which is drawing a great deal of attention due to its applications in semiconductor lithography. The rich environment of the Institute enables me to carry out productive, meaningful research.

Words from Alumni

I conduct research at a U.S. research institute on the neutron resistance of X-ray image measurement devices used in NIF ignition experiments. As a student, I was very conflicted and lost. When specializing in an area, it’s no easy task to envision how what you’ve learned will be involved in your own future. You tackle each day’s problems, but only see a small piece of the puzzle at any time. At the time, it really is nothing more than a small piece, but those pieces will eventually come together and continue to form bigger pieces. Experience many of those different pieces of the puzzle at ILE. They will become an invaluable treasure as you go forward in life.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Azechi Research Lab ◎ Conducted plasma diagnosis research using multichannel neutron spectrometers ◎ Transferred out of Institute in March 2000

I am currently engaged in the development and applied research of X-ray lasers using ultra-short pulse high-intensity lasers. Working together on an experiment turns all participants into strongly bonded colleagues, whether they be teachers or students. Sometimes you may make mistakes that pull the legs of others, but sometimes you may lead them to their success. Why don’t you come to ILE to take part in experiments that can expand your dreams, where you can wield extremely bright lasers in a dark, cramped lab? ILE instructors and upperclassmen are eager to teach and gently guide you as you pursue your dreams.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Shiraga Research Lab ◎ Engaged in research regarding fluid instability suppression for laser fusion ◎ Completed doctoral course in March 2002

As a member of the AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), I am engaged in research regarding the development of high-precision measurement technologies for optic fiber lasers. I am also involved in the establishment and maintenance of national light attenuation standards, as well as calibration services related to light attenuation. At the research lab in which I worked, instructors and students engage in research together to achieve pioneering success. The Institute is highly international, and you can acquire transferable skills as well, such as planning skills for accomplishing your research (work) goals and communication skills for presenting your achievements. This helps to build a strong foundation for independent success in your future career. Taking on new challenges to follow your curiosity and receiving positive feedback from researchers around the world will be an immensely positive experience in your life.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Nishimura Research Lab ◎ Conducted X-ray spectroscopic studies of fast-ignition fusion plasma ◎ Completed doctoral course in March 2009

I am currently engaged in the development and applied research of high-repetition, high-average-output pulse lasers. My current field of study varies somewhat from what I studied at ILE, but the guidance provided by the Institute’s instructors and upperclassmen has proved invaluable. ILE is appealing not only because of the superb large laser-based research conducted there, which goes above and beyond the university level, but also because of the valuable skills you can acquire there as a researcher.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Nishimura Research Lab ◎ Studied laser fusion plasma electron temperature and density diagnosis ◎ Transferred out of Institute in March 2002

I was a member of the Laser Advanced Materials Group (Sarukura Laboratory) from 2005 to 2011, where I investigated rare earth-doped fluorides as ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet light sources. ILE provided me opportunities to engage in world-class research and collaborate with excellent scientists from other institutions and industries. I am now a senior tutor in Physics at the Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. Prof. Sarukura and myself continue to engage in collaborative research on fluoride crystals. I encourage students to establish linkages while at university, as these could be useful in their future careers.
I currently carry out basic research on quantum optical devices based on photonic crystals. My recommendation is that students take advantage of the large amount of free time available to them, whether it be for study or for hobbies. Of course, there is nothing wrong with focusing on a single thing, but in today’s world, where society is undergoing tremendous changes and countries around the world, such as those nearby in Asia, are advancing at a dizzying pace, flexibility is important. ILE provides an excellent environment for students to study with others from various fields and gain a great deal of experience, both in Japan and abroad. These broad experiences will lead to a satisfying student life and open new possibilities in your future.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Hangyo Research Lab ◎ Studied physical properties of semiconductors under high magnetic fields and low temperatures using terahertz waves ◎ Completed doctoral course in March 2007

As a member of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Advanced Technology R&D Center, I am currently involved in the development of sterilization technologies that use high voltages and ozone. My studies at ILE have tied directly into my current work. Whether at ILE or at other workplaces, there is always more to learn as you continue your research, but I hope that you will experience the joys of research as you take on new challenges with the support of the instructors and upperclassmen around you.

At ILE ◎ Former member of the Sarukura Research Lab ◎ Studied variable wavelength ultraviolet laser material evaluation ◎ Completed bachelor’s course in March 2008