Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Industry collaborative activities

Industry-University Cooperation Project Promotion Office


Our institute promotes laser-plasma related industry-university collaborative activities.

In the 21th century, laser begins to play a more and more important role in various fields and applications. The Institute of Laser Engineering specializes in large-scale power laser facilities, semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, solid state lasers, and light sources from X-ray to terahertz. The applications involve laser processing, measurement, imaging, new materials/substance, etc., which could be utilized in wide fields from medicine, robot, automobile, agriculture to energy source. In addition, laser-induced plasma possesses high temperature, high density and high pressure, while comparing with traditional discharge-produced plasma, which has great potentials to applications.

Fig. 1 Various applications of laser

Promotion activities

We promote joint research with companies from the setup of collaborative research to the practical application of large-scale projects. If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact the Industry-University Cooperation Project Promotion Office.

  • Establishment of collaborative research with companies
  • Establishment of collaborative research department
  • Project development of collaborative research



Chief Kazuhisa Yamamoto ILE, Osaka University, Deputy Director Professor
Staff Masashi Yoshimura ILE, Osaka University, Professor
Keisuke Shigemori ILE, Osaka University, Professor
Akifumi Yogo ILE, Osaka University, Professor
Fumi Tatsumi ILE, Osaka University, Appointed clerical staff