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Collaborative ResearchCOLLABORATION

Application through ILE Collaborative Research Application System

Applications for collaborative research should be made through the Collaborative Research Application System. Please apply on or before the due date. Anyone can make an application, but please note that information of the principal investigator and the liaison scientist (host researcher at ILE) are required. For necessary information, see the following section Enter application information.

1.Login to the Collaborative Research Application System

Access the Collaborative Research Application System, enter your email address in the box labeled ‘Email address’, and click SIGN IN. A one-time password will be sent to the email address you entered. Log in with the password and the email address you entered.

2.Move to the web page for proposal application

Click “Proposal Application” on the top page to move to the proposal application page.

3.Enter application information

The proposal application page has the following items. Items marked with (*) are required items. Enter them,
upload the application form at the end and the click submit button to complete the submission.

・Research Title
English*, Japanese

・Principal Investigator
E-mail address*, ILE-ID, Name*, Name in Japanese, Institution*, Position*, Post address*, TEL

・Liaison Scientist
Select from the list*

・Research Field
Select from the list*

・Research Method
Select from the list*

・Has the principal investigator applied or recommended someone to the Osaka University Kondo Prize?
Select from the following.*
– Yes, the PI has applied in the past, or going to apply in this fiscal year.
– Yes, the PI has recommended someone in the past, or going to recommend someone in this fiscal year.
– No, the PI has never applied or recommended.

・Does any of the members of this collaborative research belong to an institution outside Japan?
Yes / No*

・Necessary funds (JPY) (Only for Research Methods B1, B2, and C)
Enter the amount in Japanese yen*

・Facility (Only for Research Method B1)
Select one of the facilities (medium size lasers and computer code) from the list*

(If you select Research Method A, please enter the following 8 items.)

・Is your proposal document written in English? If so, the review will be done by international reviewers.
Yes / No*

・Do you apply this proposal as an exploratory research?
Yes / No*

・Please select the target room and laser you use in this research.
Select from the following.*
Target room 1, LFEX only
Target room 1, GXII only (Spherical beam arrangement)
Target room 1, LFEX + GXII
Target room 2, GXII only (Monodirectional beam arrangement)

・For continued research applications, please select which year this proposal will correspond to.
2nd year / 3rd year or more than 3rd year / Not a continued research*

・Regarding the scientific papers written in your proposal document, please input the number of papers which present results obtained using the large laser facility at ILE (GEKKO-XII and/or LFEX).
Enter the number*

・Please input the number of Fundings/Research Grants written in your proposal document.
Enter the number*

・Regarding the scientific papers written in your proposal document, please input the number of papers which are categorized as the following (1)-(4). Please refer to Journal Citation Reports
( for impact factors (IF).
Enter the number corresponding to each (1)-(4).*
(1) IF less than 1, or not listed in Journal Citation Reports.
(2) IF 1 or more and less than 5.
(3) IF 5 or more and less than 15.
(4) IF 15 or more.

・Critical scheduling issues for your experiment
You can write critical scheduling issues here.