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Osaka University Kondo Prize

The 18th Osaka University Kondo Award has been decided. 

Congratulations on your award. 

List of past winners

Osaka University Kondo Prize

About Kondo Prize

This prize was founded by parents’ donation of Mr. Hiroshi Kondo who died an unexpected death by a traffic accident in April, 1993. According to their sincere wish to support the research activities of laser science, including the laser fusion their son, Hiroshi, intended to study, the prize was founded as a prize of Osaka University, in 2007, to encourage the researcher and promote their research activities by honoring an excellent technological development and excellent research papers of young scientists.

Fields to be awarded

Various fields of laser technology and its applications including the quantum beam physics, high energy density physics and inertial confinement fusion, which is described as “Laser Science” hereafter in this document.

 Categories and Application Requirements

(1) Technological Contribution Award

There is no age limit (Applicants presently actively involved in laser engineering preferred). Teams of engineers who have perfected exceptional technologies and contributed to the development of laser engineering may also apply.

(2) Research Paper Award

Applicants must be under 40 years of age during the award year (as of Mar 31, 2022). However, the age limit may be raised to under 42 years of age if research had been suspended due to circumstances such as childbirth or the use of childcare leave.

Selection Policy

(1) Technological Contribution Award

This award is given to engineers who have supported the fundamental technology of laser science as recognition of their contribution, and as testimony of the expectation that further technological advancements are expected in the field, including improvement of the research environment for laser science in Japan. The selection committee will take the following points into consideration when making its decision.

  1. Broad impacts of the technological results to other fields
  2. Technological impacts in the field
  3. Personal contribution towards technological improvement (when more than one person is involved)
  4. Public introductory articles on technological results
  5. Technological reports, records summarizing the results etc.
  6. Letter of recommendation

(2) Research Paper Award

This award is given to young researchers from Japan or abroad who have made exceptional contributions to the research of laser science in Japan. The selection committee will take the following points into consideration when making its judgment.

  1. Presentation status of academic theses, institute lectures, and international conference lectures etc.
  2. Creativity level of the research, its future potential, and its impact on the field
  3. Contribution of author in the research (Note: If there are co-authors, or if it is a group research or project research, judgment will be focused on individual contribution)
  4. Benefits or information dissemination to other fields
  5. Contributions to the field (Note: The situation of conference activities and interactions in the field will also be taken into consideration)
  6. Letter of recommendation

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