Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Semiconductor Laser System (SLS)


We are researching on laser application research, mainly visible light semiconductor laser application, in cooperation with companies. We are studying the fundamentals of IoT lighting stations integrating 3D measurement, power supply and communication as well as illumination and display by scanning laser system, each technology research, and development of elemental technologies.

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Research topics

1. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

We perform 3D measurement by the method of scanning with visible laser, and perform object and human detection. The reason for using visible light instead of infrared is that it also has the advantage of being able to call attention to humans at the same time. It is expected to develop into robots and the automobile industry.

2.Laser Lighting

High luminance mixed white light can be obtained by irradiating the blue laser diode to the phosphor. We are collaborating on application to automotive industry and advanced headlights. We also conduct research on alert lighting for future automatic operation.

3.Laser Display

We are studying the control of laser speckle noise (caused by interference), which is an obstacle in increasing the image quality of laser projectors. We also support international standardization of laser displays in cooperation with companies.


YAMAMOTO Kazuhisa Professor
ISHINO Masato Specially Appointed Professor
KINOSHITA Junichi Specially Appointed Professor
FUJI Hiroshi Specially Appointed Professor
MANABE Yoshio Specially Appointed Professor
HIGASHIKAWA Masahiro Specially Appointed Researcher
MINEMOTO Hisashi Specially Appointed Researcher