Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


TeraHertz Photonics (THP)


The THP group works on a wide range of themes, including the development of new functional composite materials, primarily perovskite-type oxides; the elucidation of their basic physical properties, especially the ultra-high-speed photoexcitation charge dynamics and terahertz wave physical properties of strongly correlated electronic materials; the cultivation of new fields, such as the creation of new optical functions; and the development of new types of systemization electronic materials and devices. In particular, we aim to break new ground in the new, borderless research field that unites the disciplines of optics, electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic waves.

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Research topics

Ultra-high-speed photocharge dynamics of various electronic materials

The group is using femtosecond lasers to elucidate high-speed physical phenomena of strongly correlated electronic materials, which show promise as next-generation electronic materials.

New quantum phenomena caused by ultra-high-speed phenomena

The group is exploring new phenomena induced by ultra-short light pulses in macroscopic coherent quantum states, such as those realized in superconductivity. The group has already succeeded in generating and controlling magnetic flux quanta using light pulses.

Conception and development of terahertz wave photonic devices

The group is developing devices that provide new functions using terahertz waves. Examples include extremely fast, high-precision oscillators and wavelength detectors, and terahertz wave imaging systems.

Electric field distribution of a semiconductor integrated circuit measured with a terahertz wave imaging system


Masayoshi Tonouchi Professor
Hironaru Murakami Associate Professor
Keiko Kitagishi Specially Appointed Researcher(Professor title)
Kazunori Serita Specially Appointed Researcher
Bagsican Filchito Renee Goc-Ong Specially Appointed Researcher
Mayo Iwami Secretary