Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


TeraHertz Photonics (THP)


We are in a cooperative group of the Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. As research contents, we are developing new terahertz functions such as nanomaterials, developing terahertz photonic devices, and developing new terahertz measurement system technology. Among them, the terahertz radiation microscope (LTEM) is attracting worldwide attention due to its unique technology. In addition, we are cultivating the field of terahertz biosensing, constantly tackling new issues, and using our uniquely developed terahertz measurement system to foster a wide range of research and originality from basic science to industrial applications. We aim to contribute to society through these research, development, and educational results.

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Research topics

Cultivation of Terahertz Biotechnology

The group is using femtosecond lasers to elucidate high-speed physical phenomena of strongly correlated electronic materials, which show promise as next-generation electronic materials.


THz Biochip

Imaging of unstained breast cancer








Frontier of Terahertz Nanoscience

Exciton dynamics in Carbon nanotubes

THz polarizer









Ultrafast Semiconductor Spatio-Temporal Analysis

Photons release the strain and induce THz waves

3D SLI development










Industry-Academia Collaboration

Solar panel evaluation system

Identification of invisible










Main features

We have many research facilities such as “Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope (LTEM)”, “Scanning Laser Near Field Terahertz Point Source Spectroscopic Imaging System”. We open these to joint research and conduct joint research with many domestic and overseas institutions. We also regularly host international conferences and have active exchanges with foreign researchers.









Selected Papers

1) Nanomaterials
Terahertz Excitonics in Carbon Nanotubes: Exciton Autoionization and Multiplication, Nano Letters 20, 3098(2020)
Low-temperature GaAs-based plasmonic photoconductive terahertz detector with Au nano-islands, Photonics Research 8, 1448-1456(2020)
Adsorption energy of oxygen molecules on graphene and two-dimensional tungsten disulfide, Scientific Reports 7, 1774 (2017)
Probing low-density carriers in a single atomic layer using terahertz parallel-plate waveguides, Optics express 24, 3885(2016)
Imaging molecular adsorption and desorption dynamics on graphene using terahertz emission spectroscopy, Scientific Reports 4, 604(2014)
Broadband terahertz polarizers with ideal performance based on aligned carbon nanotube stacks. Nano letters 12 (2), 787-790(2012)

2) Strongly Correlated Electron Systems and other Exotic Materials
Terahertz Electrodynamics in Transition Metal Oxides, Adv. Opt. Mater. 201900958(2019)
Terahertz Emission Functionality of High‐Temperature Superconductors and Similar Complex Systems, Adv. Opt. Mater. 201900892(2019)
Tunable electromagnetically induced transparency from a superconducting terahertz metamaterial, Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 241105 (2017)
Understanding the nature of ultrafast polarization dynamics of ferroelectric memory in the multiferroic BiFeO3, Advanced Materials 21, 2881(2009)

3) Wide Bandgap Semiconductors/Semiconductors/Solar Cells
Ultrafast Terahertz Nanoseismology of GaInN/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells, Adv. Opt. Mater. 2100258(2021)
Characterisation of through-silicon vias using laser terahertz emission microscopy, Nature Electronics 4, 202 (2021)
Ultrafast Spatiotemporal Photocarrier Dynamics near GaN Surfaces Studied by Terahertz Emission Spectroscopy, Scientific Reports, 10, 14633(2020)
Probing the surface potential of oxidized silicon by assessing terahertz emission, Applied Physics Letters 110, 163502(2017)
Polarization imaging of imperfect m-plane GaN surfaces, APL Photonics 2, 041304(2017)

4) Terahertz Biosensing/Imaging
Terahertz near-field microscopy of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the breast, Journal of Physics: Photonics 2, 044008(2020)
A terahertz-microfluidic chip with a few arrays of asymmetric meta-atoms for the ultra-trace sensing of solutions, Photonics 6, 12(2019)
Terahertz microfluidic chips sensitivity-enhanced with a few arrays of meta-atoms, APL Photonics 3, 051603 (2018)

5) Methodology
Intensity-dependent self-induced dual-color laser phase modulation and its effect on terahertz generation, Scientific Reports 11, 498(2021)
High-sensitivity photoconductive detectors with wide dipole electrodes for low frequency THz wave detection, Journal of Applied Physics 125, 151610(2019)
Scanning laser terahertz near-field reflection imaging system, Appl. Phys. Express 12 122005(2018)
Measurable lower limit of thin film conductivity with parallel plate waveguide terahertz time domain spectroscopy, Optics Letters 42, 3056(2017)
Study of photoexcited-carrier dynamics in GaAs photoconductive switches using dynamic terahertz emission microscopy, Photonics Research 4, A9(2016)
Scanning laser THz imaging system, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47, 374007(2014)
Tunable narrowband terahertz generation in lithium niobate crystals using a binary phase mask, Optics letters 38, 953(2013)
Distributed source model for the full-wave electromagnetic simulation of nonlinear terahertz generation, Optics express 20, 18397(2012)
Scanning laser terahertz near-field imaging system, Optics express 20, 12959(2012)
High-sensitive scanning laser magneto-optical imaging system, Review of Scientific Instruments 81, 013701(2010)




TONOUCHI Masayoshi Professor
MURAKAMI Hironaru Associate Professor
SERITA Kazunori Associate Professor
KITAGISHI Keiko Specially Appointed Professor
NAKANISHI Hidetoshi Specially Appointed Professor