Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Ultrabroadband Photonics (UP)


Terahertz waves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies between roughly 0.1 and 10 THz (T = tera (1012)). In the past, there were no bright light sources or easy to use detectors for this frequency band, making generation and detection difficult. Because of this, despite the fact that various types of elementary excitation occur within the terahertz region, such as phonons, low-dimensional plasmons, and cyclotron resonance, these phenomena were not understood in depth. In order to solve this problem, the group engages in:
1. Development of terahertz wave generation, detection, and spectroscopy methods using various lasers
2. Solid state physics, biophysics, and physical chemistry research using terahertz wave spectroscopy and development of nondestructive inspection methods using terahertz waves

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Research topics

Development of terahertz wave light sources and detectors

  • Terahertz emission using ultra-high-intensity femtosecond laser excitation
  • Development of low-cost terahertz spectroscopy systems which use multimode semiconductor lasers
  • Development of Schottky photoconductive antenna

Solid state physics research using terahertz spectroscopy

  • Metallic photonic crystal terahertz wave response
  • Vibration mode analysis of biomolecules such as amino acids and proteins
  • Ionic liquid terahertz wave response
  • Terahertz wave region magneto-optic effects of semiconductors and magnetic bodies
  • Terahertz region emission/absorption response of gasses and plasmas

Non-destructive inspection using terahertz waves

  • Detection of hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, drugs, and explosives
  • Degradation evaluation of artificial joints (polyethylene)
  • Development of tomographic imaging methods for living organisms
  • Development of quality control, maintenance management, and inspection methods for industrial materials

Terahertz wave emission antenna. The element is mounted in the center of the middle block.


YOSHIMURA Masashi Professor
NAKAJIMA Makoto Associate Professor
NANBU Tomoaki Assistant Professor
NISHITANI Mikihiko Specially Appointed Professor
Mag-Usara Valynn Katrine Pendang Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
AGULTO Verdad Canilla Specially Appointed Researcher
OHTA Masato Specially Appointed Researcher
NISHITANI Shojiro Specially Appointed Researcher