Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Blue Laser Fusion Energy Research Division

Starting Date

August 1st 2023

Purpose of Establishment

The purpose of our establishment is to advance the development of highly efficient and clean energy sources that will be crucial for the future society. We aim to achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge photon science and technology.

Research Objectives

Our primary research objective is to explore innovative methods for generating plasma, with the goal of enabling the aneutronic fusion, e.g., hydrogen-boron fusion reaction non- deuterium-tritium to produce abundant energy. Additionally, we strive to develop essential elemental technologies for power lasers that can sustain continuous plasma generation.

Research Task

1. Development of novel high average power lasers: We will conduct research aimed at creating groundbreaking high average power lasers, which are crucial for our overall objectives.

2. Investigation of aneutronic fusion, e.g., hydrogen-boron fusion reaction, non- deuterium-tritium, using high-power lasers: Our research will specifically focus on studying the aneutronic fusion, e.g., hydrogen-boron fusion reaction, non-deuterium tritium, by employing high-power lasers to unlock its potential as a viable energy source.


This joint research division will develop original and innovative high-average power lasers. Researchers at the division will study pioneering fusion reactions that emit radiation that is non-harmful or less harmful to the human body, and clarify directions for the social implementation of the clean fusion energy produced by power lasers.


Member List


FUJIOKA Shinsuke

Institute of Laser Engineering, Professor (prefectural) Research organizer

*Principal Researcher


Institute of Laser Engineering, Associate professor

ABE Yuki

Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor


Institute of Laser Engineering, Technical Staff

HONDA Kouichi

Institute of Laser Engineering, Technical Staff

JOHZAKI Tomoyuki

Institute of Laser Engineering, Visiting professor

* Research Adjunct