Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Professor Masakatsu MURAKAMI

Exploration of a super high-intensity field that was not previously expected

The mathematics and physics which you may have learned so far have always been linear in which events can be discussed by summation of the events. However, our surroundings are filled with nonlinear phenomena that cannot be described linearly. We will unravel these nonlinear physical phenomena by theory and simulation of plasmas. At ILE, we attempt to exploit relativistic plasma physics or nonlinear quantum electromagnetics by realizing unprecedented ultrahigh-intensity fields.

Research themes

  • High-energy density physics
  • Relativistic Coulomb explosion
  • Super relativistic particle acceleration
  • Laser fusion
  • Astronomical plasma fluid physics etc

Masakatsu Murakami

He graduated from Tsuwano High School in Shimane.
Prefecture and obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. Before becoming a professor, he first became a post-doctoral researcher of Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Germany, a researcher of the Institute of Laser Technology, a research associate and then associate professor of Osaka University. His hobbies include playing tennis and erhu, the Chinese two-stringed fiddle (violin).

Graduate School of Engineering,
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering.

Group Introduction

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