Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Professor Masashi YOSHIMURA

By developing artificial crystals, contributing to the semiconductor industry and the information society

The color (wavelength/frequency) of laser could be changed by using special crystals via nonlinear optics. More than 20 years ago, Osaka University developed the inorganic compound cesium·lithium·borate (CsLiB6O10) crystal, which possessed very excellent ultraviolet light conversion characteristics and could be utilized in various integrated circuits with a wide application from smartphone to supercomputer. Recently, the laser processing of special materials, such as carbon fiber, reinforced plastic (CFRP), glass composite substrate (for IoT), etc., is greatly challenged. To meet the requirement of the next generation ultraviolet laser processing machine, we are developing high optical quality and large physical size crystals. In theory, the generation of terahertz electromagnetic waves would become possible by using crystals containing organic materials, and we are developing such crystals for applications, e.g., spectroscopic analyzer. As a world leading crystal research group, we also promote industry-university collaborative research with major domestic companies, venture companies, US companies, etc.

Masashi Yoshimura

He graduated from Fukuyama Iyo high school in Hiroshima.
Completed the major in Electrical Engineering, Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Doctor (Engineering). Assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor at Osaka University. My current hobby is playing with children.

Graduate School of Engineering,
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering.

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