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Professor Masayoshi TONOUCHI

Explore underdeveloped areas and pioneer in the applications

With a frequency of around 1012Hz, THz radiation lies between radio waves and infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet rays. Due to its straightforward propagation and electromagnetic wave permeability, THz is safe and secure and is expected to be applied to various fields such as biotechnology and medical research and hazardous material detection.

In our laboratory, we are developing effective systems and tools for THz generation and detection and use them to conduct basic and applied research for the new field of THz engineering. On the other hand, we are also interested in superconductivity, the phenomenon in which the electric resistance becomes zero as the temperature of the material is decreased. By exploiting light and matter interaction, we explore the unique field of superconducting photonics research which transcends conventional electronics. Moreover, we are expanding further from these activities as we are developing strongly correlated electronic materials – new materials in which light, electrons, electromagnetic waves, and magnetism interact in complexity.

Masayoshi Tonouchi

He graduated from Koyo Gakuin High School in Hyogo.
Prefecture and obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering. Before becoming a professor, he first became a research associate of the Osaka University School of Engineering, a research associate of the Kyushu Institute of Technology, a chief scientist of Communications Research Laboratory, an assistant professor and then associate professor of Osaka University. His hobbies include watching foreign movies as he appreciates the cultural diversity.

Graduate School of Engineering,
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering.

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