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Professor Shinsuke FUJIOKA

Energetic Sciences created with high intensity laser

One of our goals is the proof-of-principle of the fast ignition scheme of the inertial confinement fusion. In the fast ignition method, a nuclear fusion fuel is compressed to a high density using “GEKKO-XII” laser, the largest laser system in Japan. The compressed fuel is instantaneously heated by the high-intensity “LFEX” laser, the world largest PW laser, to 50 million degrees that are necessary for the fusion ignition. In order to achieve the goal, it is essential to understand the plasma phenomena, in which nonlinear and collective behaviors of the plasma are complicatedly intertwined. We are deepening understanding of physics by utilizing precise experiments and simulations toward achieving the goal. Furthermore, we are developing extreme plasma science through the fast ignition research. The extreme plasma science is based on the interaction between high-temperature and high-density plasma and a very strong electromagnetic field. We are aiming to discover unexplored plasma phenomena and to realize laboratory simulation of astronomical plasmas. We are promoting joint research with domestic and foreign researchers. Let’s aim for growth through valuable experiences such as exchange, cooperation, and discussion with diverse faculties, colleagues, researchers, and engineers, that can be achieved only at universities.

Shinsuke Fujioka

He graduated from Seifu-Nankai High School in Osaka Prefecture.
He obtained his doctoral degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University in 2005. Before he became professor, he was an assistant professor and associate professor of Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University. He was a visiting scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2017. His hobby is weekend cooking. He enjoys walking, traveling and eating delicious foods with his family.

Graduate School of Science,
Department of Physics.

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