Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Theory of High-energy-density Radiative-plasmas (THR)


We are studying high energy density physics in extreme states theoretically with a help of computer simulations. High energy density states with high temperatures and high densities are the states equivalent to the inside of planets or stars. In laboratory, we can create such extreme states using intense laser lights. In the high energy density states, matters are fully or partially ionized, and plasmas accompanying high energy particles and radiations are created. High energy density plasmas are therefore complex systems which have various energy transfer processes among particles, photons, and electromagnetic fields. We are aiming to understand physics in the high energy density plasmas which helps comprehending the phenomena of the interior of stars and contributing to realize laser-based particle accelerators and fusion energy. We make use of super computer simulations to develop theoretical models for the complicated plasma phenomena. Simulations are virtual experiments in computers, so that your imagination is a key for the research.

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Research topics

1.High energy density plasma physics, Nonthermal radiative plasma physics

We explore the physics of high energy density plasmas produced by ultraintense laser lights. Applications are laser fusion, high energy particle accelerators, electromagnetic radiation sources, and compact bright x-ray sources. We also study astrophysical phenomena such as magnetic instabilities and particle accelerations in collisionless shocks. We develop plasma simulation codes including atomic physics, e.g., Coulomb collisions, ionizations, and x-ray radiations, and found basic theories behind the phenomena in high energy density radiative plasmas.

2.Collaborative research with high power laser experiments

We intend to apply the developed theories to high power laser experiments in collaboration with internal and external experimentalists. By utilizing simulation codes, we contribute to experimental data analyses to discover new physical phenomena in high energy density plasmas.


SENTOKU Yasuhiko Professor
IWATA Natsumi Professor
SANO Takayoshi Associate professor