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Application of Collaborative Research

Application of Collaborative Research

Information on the open call for the 2nd term collaborative research in 2023. *finished.

* Application Guidelines

* Schedule of Application

2023/9/1 – 9/15 : Application period  

2023/9/16 – 9/22 : Liaison Scientists evaluation input period

2023/10 Mid.: Notification of screening results

* Required application documents

  • Please download the latest version from the following, convert it to PDF (up to 20MB) to prevent garbled characters and image distortion, and send it.
  • We will not be able to replace or accept the application form after the deadline.
  • The application form for Research Method A includes a questionnaire regarding remote implementation of collaborative research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please kindly answer the questionnaire. Your answer to this questionnaire will not affect the review process of the proposal.
  • After notification of the examination results, the representative of the adopted research method A is required to submit a collaborator list (Excel file).

<Research Method A>

      1. Application form (A)

<Research Methods B1, B2>

      1. Application form (B1,B2)
      2. collaborator list

<Research Methods C>

      1. Application form (C)
      2. collaborator list

♦We are accepting collaborative research that requires contracts in collaborating with researchers in companies or national research institutes, and collaborative research for paid use. Please contact us for details.

How to apply

Please apply from the website “Collaborative Research Application System“. (See here for application items in the system.)

  • Please apply by the deadline according to the application Guidelines for FY2021.
  • Anyone can make an application, but please note that information from the principal investigator and the host researcher is required.
  • For details on cooperation items and radiation worker registration, refer to the application Guidelines for FY2021.
  • Please do not apply by e-mail.
What to do before applying.

For research applications, please specify the relevant research area and select a research method among the following: use of large laser facility (GEKKO XII and LFEX), use of medium-sized devices, individual collaborative research, and workshop proposals. When applying for a research application, please make sure to discuss the details of the research (experimental method, implementation period, purpose, and application subject) with the host researcher at ILE.

  1. Select “Research Area”.
    Please specify a reasonable area or “general collaboration”.
  2. Select “Research Method”.
    Specify device usage.
  3. Download the relevant Application Form file from the “Application Form” below.

【Contact Information】

ILE Collaborative Research Promotion Office

e-mail: kyodokenkyu.ile(※Please enter “” after the left.)