Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Professor Kazuhisa YAMAMOTO

New applications of visible light lasers.

Visible light semiconductor lasers previously was mainly used in the application of optical storage, recently, with the rapid development of industrial requirements, which is now widely used in new applications, e.g., laser display, laser illumination, etc. Our laboratory mainly focuses on laser applications, i.e., application research of visible light semiconductor lasers and product collaborations with technical companies.

Space detection (LiDAR), visible light scanned laser 3D measurement, object/human detection, etc. are carried out in collaboration with robot related companies. In laser illumination, we study high intensity laser illumination, high luminance white light generation by irradiating phosphor with blue semiconductor lasers. In automobile field, we study advanced headlights and related applications and warning light for future automatic driving. Meanwhile, for a high-quality laser display, we also develop solutions for laser speckle noise (caused by interference) measurement, which is recently a great problem for a high quality scanning laser projector. We also make international standardization in cooperation with technical companies.

Kazuhisa Yamamoto

He graduated from Toyonaka High School in Osaka.
Doctor (Engineering), Division of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University. Researcher at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd and Panasonic Corporation, Professor at Photon Pioneers Center in Osaka University, and now Professor at Institute of Laser Engineering in Osaka University. My hobby is food and travel.

Graduate School of Engineering,
Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering.

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