Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Honda Joint Research Division for Optical Science Application


Lasers have been mainly researched in the academic field. Technical advances are coming here, and various laser applications are about to spread to the industry.
In automotive applications, headlamps and LiDAR are put to practical use, and the creation and industrialization of new laser applications are expected.

Research Content

Based on laser application technology, we accelerate vehicle application using visible laser diode.
Specifically, we will work on alerting using laser speckles and new light emission expressions.

Member List

Kazuhisa Yamamoto Professor
Kana Fujioka Associate professor
Masato Ishino Specially Appointed Professor
Akira Takamori Specially Appointed Professor
Kim Mi Seon Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Keizo Ochi Specially Appointed Researcher
Takahisa Jitsuno Specially Appointed Professor