Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Okamoto Optics Joint Research Division for dielectric multi-thin-layers


Lasers have been frequently used for various fields of industry and advanced science and technology lately. High power laser development is, especially, under fierce international competition.By developing the advanced optics of dielectric gratings, large-sized lenses and mirrors, we leads the high power laser ahead of other countries.

Research Content

We aims to dramatically improve the dielectric coating technology subsequently to the previous basic cooperative research, in cooperation with our project of “Core-technology development of a repeatable high-power pulse laser under the academic-industrial collaboration.” Novel ultra-low refractive-index layer technology in dielectric coating, uniform and high-precision coating for large-aperture dielectric polarizer and coating intensification against optical damages will be energetically researched.

Member List

Junji Kawanaka professor
Kunio Yoshida Specially Appointed Researcher
Kana Fujioka Associate professor
Shigeki Tokita Lecturer
Koji Tsubakimoto Assistant professor
Hidetsugu Yoshida Specialist Appointment Technical Staff
Takahisa Jitsuno Specially Appointed Professor