Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Thales Joint Research Division for Optical Science


In recent years, the application of ultra-intensity lasers in science and technology has led to the discovery of many new phenomena, which has also been widely applied in the industrial and medical applications worldwide. It is foreseeable that in near future R & D of high-repetition ultra-intense lasers will present a fierce competition in the world. Our purpose is to develop ultra-intense laser related basic techniques, e.g., laser amplification, beam coherent-control, etc., to accelerate the development in this field as well as the application in society.

Research Content

By combining the femtosecond-Petawatt-laser technology from Thales and the repetitive-power-laser technology from Osaka University, we aim to develop a powerful high-repetition femtosecond-Petawatt beamline for our planned comprehensive project of Japan Establishment for a Power-laser Community Harvest (J-EPoCH).

Member List

YOGO Akifumi Professor
KODAMA Ryosuke Professor
OGINO Jumpei Assistant Professor